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Amy L.

Danielle, that swap sounds really fun! I say if you miss doing it, have some fun and participate! As for hobbies of mine (besides reading)I'd have to say: collecting vintage bits of this and that, especially ephemera, making jewelry, playing guitar..hmm, I'm kind of drawing a blank now!


Those ATCs are so great! I am not creative in that way at.all. My other main hobby is cooking, and I look to do needlecrafts from time to time.


I love collage! (although my designs are the ghetto, magazine-cut out version) :)

When I read this blog post, I thought of my favourite tarot deck: The Golden Tarot. It's a collage deck that I think you'd really enjoy looking at (even if you don't like tarot)

You can seem them at


Are you involved in book swaps as well? there's some pretty good sites out there!

Dorothy W.

It sounds like an excellent idea to wait a few days and see if you are still as excited. If so, then do it! All my free hours go into riding and sometimes walking. I'm not a creative type at all!


I know I've looked through your ATCs photo albums in your sidebar before and I just love your style. I think you should definitely go for this new swap! But, I do understand what you mean about getting burnt out a bit... I haven't done any swaps this year :)


Amy--I do miss doing it, though I don't miss spending all that money on supplies. It would be fun looking for vintage ephemera and making it into jewelry!
Tara--I think cooking is a skill. One which I lack! :) I might enjoy it more (I sort of hate cooking) if I had better results. Some people just seem to have a knack for it, but my dishes never turn out the way they are supposed to.
Eva--I think you can make art out of almost anything really. I have seen famous artworks made out of bits and pieces of paper you would think is just junk! Thanks for the link--I will check it out. It sounds like something I would like.
Roo--I have had some bad experiences with altered journal swaps. I have worked on other peoples books only to never get my own back. I think as long as you know the other participants it might be fun. I've been burned a few times unfortunately and not gotten any of my own artwork back!
Dorothy--I am going to wait and see how I feel later. They are taking participants until mid-September. I tend to get excited in the beginning and sometimes regret my decision when it is too late to change my mind! I have at least learned to not jump into these projects too soon before thinking things through.
Iliana--I went crazy with swaps for a while and got seriously burnt out. I think it would be fun to just do an occasional swap, though. I'll have to think about this a bit more, though. It's a matter of deciding on how I want to spend my free time--reading...needlework...paperarts....

Amy L.

It's funny that I'm reading your post about that right now, Danielle..I've been making vintage postage stamps into jewelry all night! (Now off to get some reading in).


My general rule for swaps, RRs, etc., is that to participate, I must know that the other participants are reliable. I also wait a week before deciding purchases. It is surprising how many needlework patterns I decide not to purchase: however, I have always returned and purchased the book ! That reminds me . . .


That's a beautiful card. Have you ever considered selling to recoup some of your costs? is a great community for crafters to showcase their work, and seems to have a lot of buyer traffic.

I know I always weigh the cost of time and money on my hobbies, and unfortunately some of them get neglected due to being too expensive in one of the two categories.

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