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Danielle, glad to hear you placed an order! I went with The Far Cry and The Carlyles at Home. Glad to hear you were able to locate the Taylor article - my husband receives Atlantic Monthly and I've found lots of interesting book reviews and articles about literature.


Tara--The Carlyle's at Home was one of the titles I was considering. You'll have to let me know how it is. I have The Far Cry (as yet unread). I've heard good things about the Atlantic Monthly--I pick it up now and again, but it sounds like a good magazine to subscribe to--thanks for letting me know about the article!

Dorothy W.

Lots of good stuff here -- thanks! I should subscribe to the Persephone mailing list, as I really like their books. And I'll have to hunt down the article on Taylor, which sounds interesting -- she's so wonderful, isn't she?


The Village is quite superb!


Your image looked familiar so I checked my shelves--that's the cover to my Virago copy of Rachel Ferguson's The Brontes Went to Woolworths.


Both the Fortnight and Wedding books sound very appealing...would like to get them for vacation reads. :)


Dorothy--I copied the Taylor article--it looks interesting. I'm glad to see people are taking an interest in her. Persephone just sends out an occasional email letter--what I'm really looking forward to is their new catalog and printed newsletter, which should be coming soon.
Cornflower--So glad to hear that. I really like M. Laski's writing and need to find more of her work.
Susan--I love that illustration. I had never seen it before--it is in the Persephone catalog on the page describing the Sherriff book.
Matt--I can't wait to get them. Persephone Books are so elegant. I am very much in the mood to read one of their titles now.


I'm so glad you mentioned this - I need to subscribe to their online newsletter. I used to get the catalog but if you don't buy a book after a while they stop sending it. Or something like that. Now I'm very tempted. I'll let you know if I end up taking advantage of the offer. By the way, I've read Cheerful Weather for a Wedding. Lovely!

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