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I think that I read book I years ago. It was good.

Well, I guess with the long winters, reading would be a good thing.

Better than drinking!

Dark Orpheus

I admire how far ahead you're getting with Kristin Lavransdatter. Will have to read some pages this week, try to catch up.

Dorothy W.

It's funny the things people believed -- that looking at a fire can give your baby a mark. I wonder what things we believe that will turn out to be funny?? Glad you are enjoying this ...


You're now ahead of me, too! I've been busy making jam this weekend; a windfall of pears means I have to do something with them all! The box has been greatly reduced, now I can relax and read a bit before the weekend is completely over. I'm off to pick up my KL.


Isabel--Reading is definitely better, though it seems I've heard also that the suicide rate is higher in northern countries--I wonder if that's true--all those long dark nights?
Dark Orpheus--I am sure you will catch up in no time. It helps that I have been dragging this with me on the bus--that usually gives me a nice solid half hour or so of daily reading. It seems to read pretty fast, too.
Dorothy--I was looking online for more of these superstitions and there were some wild ones. I suppose we have our own urban legends that people will laugh about in the future, too.
Melanie--Pear jam sounds yummy!! I didn't get to read any today, but Sundays are not usually good reading days for me (all those chores I have to finish up before the end of the weekend...).I'll get back to it tomorrow.


Unfortunately I haven't gotten much further on KL. I only read two chapters this week. I have been reading Fingersmith and I got to a point where I couldn't put the book down. Hopefully I will be able to get further on KL this week.


Brenda--I read Fingersmith a while back and I totally understand. Once she grabs you, you just have to keep reading until the end!! I still want to read more of Sarah Waters' books!! Enjoy it--it's sooo good.


I've got to stop reading your posts about this book - it sounds really great but I can't get involved in something so long. At this point of my life, anyway.


Tara--It's really good. You'll have to add it to your list to read when you have a nice, big chunk of time!

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