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Oh, I love Wayson Choy! He's a sweetheart.


I flipped through Her Royal Spyness but I thought it might be too much on the cute side for my tastes. I'll be interested in hearing your thoughts.


The Jade Peony sounds really good! Wow, what a lot of books you have checked out! We ran into my daughter's friend's father at the library today and he couldn't believe how many books we checked out. Mostly kids books, but I just laughed. Free books, how could we resist??


Oh my, the authors are all unfamiliar to me! The beauty of the blogging is to be savvy of new reads and authors.


The Blood of Flowers is an excellent read!

I haven't done a library post for a while. I might do one today! I only have 41 (yes...41) items out and 12 on request so it shouldn't take too long to do! LOL!

Sam Houston

Ever the optimist...I thought you might be the champ,in fact, until I noticed Marg's comment above mine.

Wow, Marg...41 items out and 12 to come. That's a load. :-)


Enjoyed Summer at Tiffany and Her Royal Spyness; couldn't get interested in Mr. Pip. Can't wait to hear what you think!


I don't feel so bad now - I have 16 books out and reservations on 3.

Dorothy W.

I'd do my own list, but I only have three things, two of them audio books. They include the new Sophie Gee book, the Haddon audio book and the second Winspear one. I'm looking forward to listening to some more Maisie Dobbs!


Her Royal Spyness is a quick, fun read! Cleanses the palate for the next book.


Sylvia--Have you read him? I thought this looked really good!
Jill--It does look to be on the cute side. Sometimes it can work--I'll give it a try. I'm sure I'll report back here!
Tara--The library is one place I don't mind having too big a stack! It's a pity that more people don't take advantage.
Matt--I always find new authors out in the blog world, too! I am really enjoying Out Stealing Horses--quite well done--and so far it is certainly one I would recommend.
Marg--I am hoping to get to The Blood of Flowers--I read the first few pages and it does indeed look good. It's a matter of which I can read before the due dates. I think I have something like 30 books that I am still waiting for!
Sam--I work with a lady who has about double what I have checked out!! I try to keep the number under ten...but sometimes I go a little out of control.
Oolookitty--I am looking forward to Mister Pip--but it is a tad bit different than I expected. It looks to be a quick read, so we'll see. I think Her Royal Spyness looks cute (and quick) as does Summer at Tiffany. Too many to choose from.
Booksplease--At least library books are free (and I am pretty good and remembering to take them back on time to avoid fines), so I try not to feel guilty about such a big stack.
Dorothy--I wonder when the next Maisie mystery will be out. It seems we're due for a new one. I think that is my favorite mystery series at the moment. I had to take the Gee book back as it was a nonrenewable 14 day book. I just couldn't get to it in time. I am in line for a regular one that I can have for three weeks and can renew--much better for me!
Sherry--Glad to hear you liked it. It looks like a nice little cozy mystery. They are fun sometimes.


I am utterly astounded by the number of books that you can check out of your libraries. Here at the city library I can check out max. 5 books (from all branches, not each of them!) and where I work it's only 1 book at a time! Lucky you!

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