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Dorothy W.

Oh, this book sounds so lovely! I love long novels that you fly through -- like The Crimson Petal and the White, which didn't feel like 900 pages at all.

Lazy Cow

I'm so emabarrassed to admit Danielle, that I haven't even started yet. It's not this book, it's reading anything remotely taxing that's the problem. I don't want you to get too far ahead so I'll make a special effort to catch up this week.
(Have you read Eva Ibbotson's A countess below stairs? It's absolutely delicious. That's the sort of fare I've been digesting at the moment! Must be the spring air.)


Woo! You think part 2 was surprising, wait until you get to 3!! I'm almost finished with part 3, I have less than 20 pages to go. It's getting harder and harder to put down; so much so that I am actually considering taking it to the hospital with me tomorrow. Probably won't, it's so heavy, but I'm tempted!

And I totally agree, there are so many little references that make me think this isn't going to go well for Kristin. Stupid choices indeed.


I too have only one more chapter to go before I am finished with the first book. It definitely is a page turner. I can see Kristin is in for a sorrowful life with Erlend. He is a bad boy for sure. But isn't it like us women. Nothing has changed. It must be human nature for most women.

I also have been enjoying the descriptions of Norway. She does a wonderful job. I am so glad I am finally reading this book. I love the book you have shown on your blog for KL. I have not seen that one and it is very nice.


Dorothy--It's hard sometimes not to be put off my the length of a book, but in many cases it doesn't matter--the story is one you don't want to put down. This is definitely one that reads much easier and faster than it looks!
Lazy Cow--I totally understand! I think that once you get started on KL that it actually goes much faster than you think it will. The first couple of pages talk about the family and their property, but once you actually get into the story (particularly once Kristin meets Erlend) it goes really fast. I do have the Eva Ibbotson book (actually that one and another one that was recently released). I'm so glad to hear it was good. I will have to get to it soon!
Heather--Good luck today! Somehow I think you might have other things on your mind in the hospital! :) But I have heard of women taking books with them for something to do as they wait! LOL. This will give me a chance to catch up with you.
Brenda--I'm glad you're reading along. That's the nice thing about reading in a group--it gives you a bit more impetus to keep reading so you can talk about it. It sounds like we are all pretty much at about the same place. The photo is actually a new Penguin ediiton--the books are also available separately as well. I have the deluxe edition--all three in one, but I contemplated getting the individual editions so they would be easier to carry around. They all have nice cover illustrations.

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