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Dark Orpheus

Bulgakov is fun -- with so many people picking up Master And Margarita, I'm tempted to read another translation.


Woot-woot! - You are trying Ex-Libri's challenge. I am a bit tempted but I'm kind of intimidated by most of those books. I would like to read Anna Karenina one of these days though. Hmm. Must think about this one some more. Oh and I had no clue they were making a movie of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. I have the book just haven't read it yet.


As we're speaking, I picked up both The Fortnight in September and Cheerful Weather for the Wedding and will bring with me to a short getaway this weekend.

Yay! The book bloggers are making my day reading The Master and Margarita. I can't wait to hear what everyone has to say about the book. It's fun, humorous and yet very provoking as to how to draw the line between good and evil. It simply challenges our notion of good and evil.


I love AK and Master and Margarita! I'm doing the Russian challenge as well (which is cool, since it seems half the bloggers in my blogroll are), but I refuse to make a list of books to read in 2008 until December. I have committment issues!


I took a brief break from KL to finish Don Quixote and read The Road. (Talk about a contrast in time periods! But actually some surprising similarities that might merit further thinking...two connected people on road trip having "adventures"...) However, KL is the only book I'm taking on a cabin-in-the-woods vacation next week and expect to make lots of progress. I'm really looking forward to it....the vacation and the book.


Right, that's it, I really must go out and lay my hands on a copy of Per Patterson's novel now! :-)


Dark Orpheus--I haven't given translations much thought yet. Is there one I should look for? I only have a copy of Anna K and something by Turgenev, so I'll have to give some thought about what else I might want to read.
Iliana--I was a little awed reading War and Peace, but really it isn't hard it's just long! I'm hoping that Anna K will be the same. Now as for Bulgakov--that will be new to me! Russian lit does sort of seem really grand in some way, doesn't it?! I heard a while back about the film adaptation of Miss Pettigrew, but I haven't seem much about it yet. I'm looking forward to reading the book!
Matt--I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of those two books. I can't wait to get my copies in the mail! I probably should have looked for library copies, but I can't resist those nice Persephones! I'll be on the look out now for a copy of the Master and Margarita. I'll have to go back and seach out your posts on the book!
Eva--I know I want to read AK, and Master and Margarita, but I'm not sure of any other titles. I'll see when the time gets closer! I hate making lists ahead of time, too, as I always change my mind later.
Mary--Yay--you finished DQ!! I forget you were also reading that--it's quite an undertaking to do both at once. I'd like to read The Road before the end of the year. I think it is one you could read in a weekend. KL reads very quickly actually--I've been enjoying it and find it hard to stop! A vacation sounds like fun--you'll make lots of progress then!
Victoria--I finished it last night--wonderful book. It is a very subtle story, but I have a feeling I'll be thinking about it for a while. I'm going to be watching for the paperback of one of his earlier works (out next month) as well. I think I've only heard good things about this one from other readers as well!


Info on Norwegian History:
However, wikipedia entries might not be correct.

This might be better:

I learned through another novel that the Plague had reached the Scandanavian countries. It's stated in these sites. Interesting.


Russian Background:

I trust this historical novel.
Russka by Edward Rutherfurd

He does a lot of research.

Plus, the story is interesting.


I always wanted to read Bulgakov.

Oooh, can't wait til you read Daphne! How cool that your library had a copy of that book!


Stupid Amazon. There's already a paperback version of In the Wake that came out this spring, but it's hard to find.

Dorothy W.

You're tempting me with the Petterson book! And I love Anna Karenina -- love it enough to read twice in fact!


I plan to re-read Anna Karenina next year as well so I have included it for the challenge. Thought it would be fun reading it with you guys. :)


Isabel--Thanks for the links! I have never read Rutherford before, but he has been recommended to me by other readers. I'll have to give him a try--his novels are pretty hefty, aren't they!
LK--I lucked out didn't I? I was surprised that my library had that book. It is old and decrepit, but it'll work.
Susan--I really hate the way Amazon lists their search results now--it's very misleading. I've hated it for a while--I never seem to find what I am looking for. I'll have to look at BN for the book.
Dorothy--The Petterson book was very good. I hope more people read him. I'm looking forward to reading Anna Karenina. I've heard some people say they like it better than War and Peace.
Matt--It's always nice reading in some sort of group--I tend to stay on track better.

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