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I am so sorry to hear about your headache, Danielle and hope you are feeling much better now! Whenever I look at one of those lists I realise how woefully inadequate my reading of the classics is! Perhaps someone will do the 'great detective novels of all time' and I'll score a bit better!

Dorothy W.

I was glad to read your comment at my blog that you're feeling better! I loved A Heart-Breaking Work of Staggering Genius -- one you had question marks next to -- it was a moving, funny memoir, strange and wonderful.


Glad to see from Dorothy's comment that you're feeling better.

What a long list! There are several that I've never heard of, so more books to look up. I'm tempted to check the list myself - on a quick count I've read less than half of them - but I have read The Three Musketeers in French and in English!


Litlove--I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling inadequate. They just didn't list all the other many books I *have* read! :) Lately work has been stressful (and you would never think it in a library), so I have been having problems with headaches. I've been happy to see Friday roll around.
Dorothy--I put question marks behind a few of the books that I hate to admit I have not heard of. I went and looked up the Eggers title, and it does sound very good. Someone compared it to David Sedaris. Maybe I'll have to put it on my mooch list.
BooksPlease--That's impressive to have read Dumas in the original French. How did the versions compare? I was planning on reading the book over the holidays last year, but it didn't happen. Now I am planning on doing it this year. Needless to say, I will be reading in English! :)


Oh, Danielle, I have to confess the French version was when I was at school. I read the English version much later, so I can't now compare the two.

I remember how stressful working in a library can be - you can never please all the people all the time and some people can be amazingly difficult.


Danielle along with the many others I am glad to hear that your headache is much better. As for your library or book list, the total amount of books you have never is a problem for me. And yes, I have a large library but I am much older than you are but if I only had one good book that would be ok too. You know I enjoy modern mysteries now but in the past, I read western books as a form of tension release. I quote from one “Reilly’s Luck” by L’Amour because Dang I like it (a young boy forced on a gambler to raise is caught holding a book in his hands):

“Will indicated the book Val had taken. ‘Did you like it?’
‘There weren’t any pictures.’
‘Anyway I like to hold it.’
Will Reilly gave him a thoughtful look. ‘Now, that’s interesting. So do I. I have always liked the feel of a good book. It’s like a gun,’ he added. ‘When a man opens a book or fires a gun he has no idea what the effect will be, or how far the shot will carry.”

Danielle, remember I was a mathematician, not an English major – please excuse my improper use of quotes, and I am not all that sophisticated using a Western for a quote to a Classical reader.


From the owners' comments, it seems a large proportion of the largest libraries on LibraryThing are in fact wishlists, or books read (and returned to the local library for example).
They really should ban those cheaters! :P

Literary Feline

I am glad you are feeling better.

I could not find the list on LibraryThing either. It has been interesting reading through everyone's responses. I was surprised at how many on the list I have read.


BooksPlease--I took French in school, too, but I never got far enough to read novels! I do remember reading Le Petit Prince, though. The thing about the library--sometimes the patrons are great--it's the other workers that can drive you mad! :)
Edd--That is a great quote!! I read all sorts of books, but I have not read many westerns--I do think I might like some western authors very much, though. And I think there are excellent books in all genres, too! As long as I have a few unread books or a library card, it doesn't really matter how many I own--you're right there.
AndrewL--Hmm. I didn't realize that. I don't count any of the books I read from the public library and I like to keep my wishlist very separate. LT is great for keeping track of what I already own. No wonder some people have such large libraries--I don't feel so bad now!
Literary Feline--Thank heavens for weekends!! I feel much better now, but lately work has been driving me a little nuts. I think I have atleast as many (maybe more) books that I own and want to read than I've actually read! I'm afraid to count. Still--Lots of good books to look forward to!

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