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I'm in on Daniel Deronda! Thanks for posting about it. :)


Wow! I won! Thanks so much! I love the way you posted the photos. It was so exciting seeing my name on top of the book. Thanks again, now I'll go look for your email link to send my address.


Eva--That's great. I've wanted to read it ever since I watched the film adaptation!
Nicola--Oops, sorry about that--I should have added my email to the post--in case you haven't already got it:


Congrats to the winners!
I would love to read Daniel Deronda with you guys but I'm still trying to get through DQ! I think I'll just watch from the sidelines and cheer you on :)


I'm keeping my fingers on Poe this weekend. I got a copy of 1407 as well.


Danielle, I'm so glad you're finding the Daniel Deronda group read tempting. I'm only three fairly short chapters in (lots of distractions this weekend and I didn't want to pull ahead of Sylvia either, who just got the book yesterday) but it's been very enjoyable reading. You're not going to regret participating.

And thank you thank you for drawing my name out of the bowl. I looked at the essays book while we were at Borders last night and I did so hope I'd win. :)


Iliana--It's weird after having read DQ now, I see references to him pop up all over the place! Enjoy the rest of the book.
Matt--I read some Poe stories last month and had hoped to fit in some more, but I am reading Washington Irving instead this weekend (and enjoying his writing!). I'm not familiar with 1407--It must be a new book?
Susan--I will start it this week--It will be my new bus book. I will have to put off getting back to DH Lawrence just a tad but longer! I'm so glad you are looking forward to the essay book--it looks good and I might have to buy a copy for myself as well. I'll need to get your address, too.


Oh, how great! Thanks alot, it was really exciting, and I never win anything, so it's such a nice surprise! And by the way, I just started re-reading Kristin Lavransdatter, and it's all because of you:)


Padma--Thanks for the email. I will be mailing off the books tomorrow. I hope you enjoy rereading KL. I plan on reading it again eventually, too. There are lots of other books by Scandinavian authors that I'd like to try as well.


Congrats to the winners!

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