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Dorothy W.

Well, that's good news, that the story keeps getting better -- I remember you enjoying the first volume a lot, so the second must be quite good then!


My week vacation in a cabin in the woods did wonders for my reading time and I finished the whole book last Sunday. I have always been a fan of historical novels and I think this ranks among my favorites. As you noted the overview of the plot doesn't do justice to the depth and color of the characters and their inner lives. I also loved the details Undset weaves in about daily life, and as I noted in my very first post, the natural world. It gave me a very strong "sense of place" for me in terms of the mountains, the sun on the fields, hearing the water rushing in a stream, etc. etc. As the readers guides questions suggest, the last book takes on the role of religion and honor even more and its interesting to see both the struggle and the clarity that gives to peoples lives. I'll have to mull the questions a bit more before my next post. I hope you enjoy cruising through The Cross this's definitely too heavy to lug around much longer. For all who haven't taken on the challenge of KL, I highly recommend it.


Dorothy--I don't think what I am writing about the book does it justice. I am actually at the point where I really don't want to put it down now.
Mary--I was wondering if you had finished it since you took it on vacation. There really is so much that happens and wonderful descriptions, it is hard to write about it in a way that encompasses everything. I've just started the last book this morning, and I plan on trying to read it straight through. Hopefully it won't take long to get through this last part, but it reads so easily I don't think it will.

Lazy Cow

I'm determined to finish KL in November (still only up to page 150), but I want to complete the RIP challenge first. Halfway through Frankenstein, then Northanger Abbey, then I can concentrate on KL. Then I can come back to your posts and make some semi-intelligent comments!


Lazy Cow--I did the reverse--when with KL and now my one lone RIP book won't be finished before the end of the challenge most likely. I just can't put down KL at this point, though, so I can't help myself. Once you get back into the story, I am sure you'll whiz through it! I just want to finish the Mysteries of Udolpho (I am past the halfway mark), but I might be a week or so into Nov before that happens. I have read short stories each weekend, though!

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