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Yup. Sigrid Undset is still taught at school in Sweden, and Kristin Lavransdatter is still read - especially by girls in their teens. I haven't though.

Dorothy W.

It's interesting to think about how winning the Nobel is no guarantee that you'll stay famous or keep readers. I guess it means there's really no predicting how literary history will turn out!


Try this site:


I must say I had never heard of her, Danielle, until you began reading her. But then I'm even worse at being able to tick off Nobel prize winners on my reading list than the average classics! They seem to marry literary eminence with obscurity! So glad to know you are enjoying it, though. That's the main thing.


Anna--Thanks--I was curious about that. I imagine the story would be very appealing to teenagers.
Dorothy--I suppose it shows you how much tastes change over time, doesn't it.
Isabel--Thanks for the link. I need to investigate that site more.
Litlove--I don't think that I've read many Nobel winners and many I am also unfamiliar with. I suppose that as it is an international prize many authors would seem obscure to me. I tend to stick within my own little comfort zone of books. I am indeed enjoying it though!


I love the stamp!


Try Wikipedia (Kristin Lavransdatter)-wonderful chart of Kings of Norway and characters as well as complete list of characters


Tara--Isn't that stamp cool?
Linda--I found those charts, too. At first I thought they wouldn't be necessary, but as I read on I think I might actually print them out as she keeps adding political personas I'm not very good at keeping straight.


I love the stamp too. Beautiful. Maybe I should take a look at those charts, too... :)

The latest Nobel winner is Doris Lessing. Apparently Harold Bloom doesn't have as high an opinion of her. Why would they quote him rather than Lessing herself in the newspaper this morning? No idea.


Melanie--I saw that! I've never read anything by Lessing, but I would like to. Harold Bloom is certain opinionated, isn't he?! Do you know which newspaper that article ran in? I only saw a blurb online on another blog.

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