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You're right. Heyer really isn't all that fluffy. I think part of what it is that makes them less fluffy than other romances is all the man stuff. Unlike some other authors she really focuses on what the men do and lets us eavesdrop on men's conversations and takes us inside their world. And quite often her main character is a man. I've convinced myself this is part of what makes her so darned addictive.


I periodically binge on Georgette Heyer books. Did you know she also wrote mysteries?


Sassy--This is my first Heyer, so I didn't know what to expect. A good part of this novel is told from the man's perspective as well--lots of descriptions of troop movements and battle scenes. It is interesting to get the male side of things. I can see where these might become addictive!
Jill--I saw on the G. Heyer website that she did write mysteries. Have you read any of them? Are they as good as the Regency novels? Which others do you recommend?

Dorothy W.

I'm really enjoying the Heyer book I'm reading, although it doesn't sound quite as intense as yours -- it's set in Bath, outside the context of war entirely, and is more about social expectations and proper behavior and difficult families. I'll have to read more Heyer -- it sounds like she's written a variety of stuff. I've also been reading about women and romance in the Dale Spender book on women and the novel, and she talks about how women writers are connected with romance as a way to dismiss them, and how all kinds of books are lumped under "romance" even when they are quite different from one another. It sounds like Heyer might suffer from this treatment -- not being taken seriously because she's a "romance" writer.


It was certainly eyeopening to read this book wasn't it! Any idea which Heyer you are going to read next?


Admiral Nelson wanted his crew to be clean, so he made everyone wash their bodies and clothes with urine.

Soap was too expensive and didn't react chemically with salt water to clean anything.


So, if cleaning up was done so yuckily, then the descriptions of medical care sound about right.


Excellent review! Maybe I'll keep the Estella's Revenge copy and read it for myself. Hehehehe.


I'm just about to try Heyer for the first time - reading this review has reassured me; I'd always had the impression that her books are a bit bodice-ripping (probably for the reasons Dorothy mentions above) but thankfully appear to be wrong.


This sounds like a great book. I have never read Heyer before but I will add it to my ever growing TBR shelf. Thanks for the review!


Dorothy--I think Infamous Army was a bit like what you are reading, too--it had that whole social aspect in the story as well as the war. It was not at all a mushy romance, which I sort of expected. I think she seems to be categorized as a romance author and probably dismissed by many as not serious. That Spender book sounds interesting.
Marg--I pulled Frederica from my library's shelves, but it is still sitting on my desk at work. I was hoping someone would give some recommendations, but I may just have to browse the library's collection. What about you--will you read more?
Isabel--Aren't you glad to be living in the 21st C? When I hear about these sorts of treatments, I know I am! Taht sounds pretty nasty.
Andi--You should read it before passing it along! Estella's Revenge must get lots of goodies.
Eloise--No fear--no bodice ripping in these pages! The romance was nice, but not heavy, sort of serious and grown up actually.
Jaimie--I'm glad I finally gave her a try as well. I get the feeling that she is loved by lots of fans, too.


I will definitely read more. I have requested Cotillion from the library , and I own Venetia so I will read one of those.


I have always been a huge fan of GH and think that she is a much under rated writer. Her description of the battle of Waterloo is masterly and every detail of it is correct. If you have only just dicovered her, then you have lots of lovely times ahead of you! One of my favourites is Devil's Cub

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