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I love sitting inside curled up with a book whilst the rain pours down. For a change it's been sunny and warm here, not at all like October, and not had much time for reading as the grandchildren came to visit.

Dorothy W.

Have a great day of reading! I like rainy weather too, at times; then I don't feel guilty about not riding and can just laze around all day ...

Les in NE

I can't get over the amount of rain we've had this weekend. And the thunder & lightning! You'd think it was May, not October. I've been curled up on the couch with a Stephen King book. Perfect weather to get spooked! :)


We had sunny weather here in Texas but I still got some reading done. I love rainy days though.

Ann Darnton

I wish I worked the same way but overcast weather always leaves me with a 'mushy' head and so anything other than very surface reading is difficult. When you have a summer like we've just had in the UK, this is a problem. Still, I'm glad you've had a good weekend.


I agree, this is the time of year that's perfect for crumbling castles and things that go bump in the night.

I hope to tackle Mysteries of Udolpho -- maybe even before the next RIP challenge. Looking forward to your comments.


It sounds like a perfect reading day! I love to curl up on those cold rainy days with a blanket, or a fire and just dive into a good book! Hope you enjoyed it!


Booksplease--It must be a nice change for you to have sunshine--I heard about the miserable summer you had! :)
Dorothy--There is something about rainy days that makes you not feel too guilty about being lazy. Can't do yard work either!
Les--It has been a while since we've had so much rain. We even had hail Saturday night. I think we're due for more rain this week, too. Better rain than snow, though.
Kay--I tend to get less reading in on weekends for some weird reason--glad to hear you could squeeze in reading time as well.
Ann--You guys didn't have much of a summer, did you? It's finally feeling like Autumn here. I like those cool, crisp, sunny days, though, too. It's weird how weather can affect you, but I do think it does!
LK--I am looking forward to getting back to the Radcliffe book. I do recommend it. I've been working on a few other books, so I had to set it aside temporarily.
Jaimie--Yes, it was nice. I could use a few more days like that actually!


We had beautiful weather most weekend but today it's rainy and gray. What a way to start the week. I'm staying in and reading that's for sure :)


This is unrelated to the weather, but I was wondering if anyone else is as excited as I am about the new translation of War and Peace coming out tomorrow? Are there any groups planning to read it as a challenge? Is that a possibility here?


Iliana--I think we are due to get even more rain this week. It's been a wet couple of weeks here, but I am glad that it at least feels like Fall!
Beth--You should join this group:
I think several people are planning on reading War and Peace. I have the new translation on my wish list. I actually read it (or rather finished it as I started reading last year) earlier this year, so I am not sure whether I am up for a reread so soon yet. There is no need for you to have a blog if you wanted to participate.
Ex Libris has organized it


Beth--By the way--I am planning on reading Anna Karenina! :)


Anna Karenina is so beautiful! I know you will love it. It will make for some interesting posts. The characters' behaviors are both understandable and fully inexplicable.

Thanks for the Ex Libris tip!


We've got the same weather here. Isn't perfect for reading? And it sets such a nice tone for RIP reading too!

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