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Happy thanksgiving!

Dorothy W.

Happy Thanksgiving! You've got a great list there -- perfect books for getting to next year!


You must resist this urge to substitute Hornblower for O'Brian. O'Brian is the master and commander, and Hornblower is the green-gilled landlubber trying desperately not to sick up his daily one pound of dried beef and peas. He's that good. Seriously.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving! Perhaps next year's collective blog ought to be around a Dumas novel! They are huge and fun. In any csse you have the start of a wonderful list of reading for 2008!

Ann Darnton

Did you actually read 'The Far Cry', because, if so, I would be interested in what you thought about it. It received a lot of publicity in the UK when Persephone published it but I was disappointed.


Ditto #6 and #12 but I did get to #11 and the first part of #13! Hope you get to squeeze in some reading around all that pie eating!

Carl V.

Wow, that is quite and impressive list of 'want to reads'! Oh well, just gives you stuff to read for next year.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day and I hope your weekend is wonderful and relaxing as well.


Imani--Thanks! :)
Dorothy--Well, they've certainly been on the TBR piles long enough. Maybe I will try not to make so many lists next year. Then again, who am I kidding.
Hobgoblin--Horatio certainly didn't have very auspicious beginnings, did he!! I absolutely am going to read Master and Commander--I've heard from at least three people how good it is, and I have a feeling I will thoroughly like it!
Litlove--I just love Dumas. I wouldn't mind rereading The Count of Monte Cristo. It would be fun to read him in a group!
Ann--I was going to read it in conjunction with the Forster, which didn't happen (either book). I still want to read it, though you are the second person to say you were disappointed by it. That always makes me curious, though.
Nutmeg--I have read a little--not as much as I wanted, but that's always the case, isn't it!! So many books I want to read...there just isn't enough time!
Carl--My list could go on and on. I think I think about these things too much. I hope you had a great holiday, too and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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