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I'd not heard of Elizabeth Taylor before (at least, the writer that is). Your review really makes me want to read her short stories. This one sounds intriguing.

Lyn Baines

I read this yesterday to keep you company, Danielle, and thought it was marvellous. I like stories where an older character looks back at youth or childhood and sees the evnts differently. Even Jane Eyre (one of my favourite books) is narrated by Jane 10 years after her marriage. Like you, I say I'm not a fan of short stories but when I start reading them , I love them. I have the Virago selected stories of ET called Dangerous Calm, so that might be a good second hand edition to look out for to get an overview of her work.


Wonderful review, Danielle! I must read this myself. I'm a big fan of Elizabeth Taylor, as you know!


I just know I'll get on well with Elizabeth Taylor. I must read one of her books soon.


Jess--You should give her a try--I've really enjoyed everything I've read by her.
Lyn--I like that sort of story as well--with the narrator looking back from an older age and more experience. Did I miss it, or did they ever mention the narrator's name?
Litlove--I'd love to hear your thoughts on the story, even ET in general sometime. Perhaps you'll post in her sometime in the future?
Iliana--I think you'd like her as well. Have I been talking about her too much lately? I should give my other Virago authors a cahnce now.

Kate S.

I like this story a lot too. I'm still collecting my thoughts on it for a post over at "A Curious Singularity." I'm so glad that you brought Elizabeth Taylor's work to my attention!


Kate--I'm glad to hear you liked it, too. I can't wait to hear your thoughts about it. If you get a chance definitely check out her novels, as well!

Dorothy W.

I'm very happy to have found Taylor in the last year. I've got a short-story collection of hers, The Blush, that I should read soon. And I have an unread novel of hers on hand -- always good to have one lying around, you know?


Dorothy--It is nice having her work on hand. I sort of tend to think of her along with Barbara Pym, though their styles were a bit different--still both excellent writers and writing about similar subjects and in the same time period. She is someone you know you can fall back on and enjoy when the mood hits!

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