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Lovely and intriguing review. The setting alone--repugnant miasma and pungent smell--is enough to get me hooked. I'll look for it when I get to Asia.

Carl V.

I certainly want to see the film sometime, despite its rather gruesome subject matter. Glad to hear it is indeed creepy.

Dorothy W.

Interesting! I'd love to read about 18C Paris, and this sounds like an unusual way to do it. You do have me intrigued by the oddness of this book.


The movie was really creepy!


A beautiful review about a book that just doesn't appeal to me at all, but you almost make me want to read it. I've seen it in the bookshops, maybe now I'll pick it up and look inside.


I love the adaptation :-) Really. In my opinien it's very good movie, beutifully played. Book was average, but film... Magic of cinema.


Ok you've convinced me to watch the movie then :) I really liked this book a lot and wasn't too sure about the film.


This review is the first that's made me want to read the book. I'm so sens-- AH CHOO--itive to perfumes that I've been very wary about reading about a book centered around smells.


The movie is creepier than the book? Wow, I 've really got to see it now. The book is seriously creepy.


Pregnant women have an enhanced sense of smell, so I find myself remembering this book more and more these days! I think I will steer clear of the movie though...


Matt--It is quick and entertaining (if a little on the strange side) reading!
Carl--The movie was filmed gorgeously actually and was quite lush despite the gruesome subject.
Dorothy--The setting was great, and the descriptions was wonderful, but the subject is indeed on the odd side. Historical fiction with a twist, I guess.
Eva--Wasn't it!
BooksPlease--I considered putting it back on the shelf as I had wanted to read it for Carl's RIP challenge and never got to it. I thought I should at least make an attempt, though, since it was on my end of the year reaidng list. Once I got into it, though, I was hooked.
Zosik--The film was definitely well done. Jean Baptiste was almost more human in it than in the book--he had a moment of regret there I think, which I liked as he certainly didn't in the book.
Iliana--They were pretty faithful to the book--I wasn't sure how they would manage it. You'll have to let me know if you do see it and what you think.
Susan--I am not much of a perfume person either, I was drawn more to the way perfumes were made. He went into great detail, which was very interesting.
Tara--Yes, it was creepy. Imagine what you read in the book acted out on screen! It wasn't gory though, but just the idea is enough to make your skin crawl.
Smithereens--The book is enough to remember I imagine. Words have a way of imprinting themselves in your mind, but movies with their visual aspect are another thing altogether!


I don't think I'll be able to pick up the book after watching the movie - I was too disturbed to want to revisit the story, but it's interesting to hear about the book.

Alex Nick

This book is the first I have ever read. I was, I guess, about 9 or 10 years old, and i stumbled upon it in my mum's bookcase, in her office. Even though I was so little I pretty much got the hang of it. I never told her that I read it so early, because, let's face it Suskind is not for children. Anyway, amazing book.


Court--The movie follows the book pretty closely, so you have the story even if you don't read it!
Alex--What a book to read at such a young age! It wasn't really graphic, just really creepy. Have you ever thought of going back and rereading it? It would be interesting to see what you make of it as an adult.


Glad to know the movie was so faithful to the book. Now I know that I definitely won't be reading the book. The movie was just too gruesome for me, the book would probably give me bad dreams!


We read this one a couple of years ago for bookclub - I must get the girls together for a screening of the movie!


Danielle, I've watched the film. I thought it was very true to the book ( what I remember, anyway) and very, very creepy as you said. I had forgotten about the very last scene and had been thinking about that scene in the town square. How did they find enough people to film that?? And I found the first half hour to be so repulsive, the birth, orphanage and tannery - blech. Very interesting film, and interesting that I read - I think on wikipedia that it was deemed unmarketable for US audiences, while in did well in Europe.


Stefanie--If any movies are apt to give bad dreams, this one is certainly a good contender!!
Nutmeg--The movie was certainly well done. If you liked the book, I think you will appreciate the movie!
Tara--They did get the feel of stinky 18th C. Paris down, didn't they!! Especially when they talked about the smells. I was wondering too how they were going to film that last scene with the people waiting for the execution. I thought for sure they would leave it out or change it. I thought they managed it pretty well, but yes, that was an awful lot of people, wasn't it!! I am not surprised they thought it would be unmarketable here in the US. Violent movies are all over, but this one was very different, wasn't it!

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