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The contrast between January and March is amusing!

Sam Houston

This is one meme that scares me to death...I don't think I want to know what my first lines were. It would, I'm sure, be embarrassing.


Ooh, now I need to go back and read you thoughts on How Reading Changed My Life, since I read and enjoyed that one a few months ago.


Sylvia--Once winter kicked in last year it was here with a vengeance. This year it has come earlier--we already have snow and tomorrow we get freezing rain. Oh yay. I'm not very good when it comes to weather extremes!
Sam--I swear not all my posts start out like this, but then I never pretended to be a writer! :) There is a sort of cringe factor sometimes when you go back and read your writing--I try not to do that!


Andi--I should have linked to the posts, but I was too lazy! I loved that Anna Quindlen book, but it was really more of a longish essay. I would like to read more of her work--I know she has some essay collections out there.


What a fun idea, think I might do the same thing on my blog tonight. But I only started in April.

Kate S.

I like this meme and I've borrowed it for my post today. It's true that first lines don't convey the full flavour of the blog, but the exercise does represent the sweep of the year nicely!


Ah this is good. Don't worry about too many book lists - I love them so keep them coming :)

Dorothy W.

Oh, I love the book lists too -- they are very useful and interesting. I'm considering doing this meme too -- it's an interesting way to think about one's blog.


Simon--Do it anyway. I think these sorts of posts are interesting and fun in their own way.
Kate--I think you're right. First lines are not always very representative of a whole post, but I like seeing what I used to draw people in. I'll have to go and read your first lines!
Iliana and Dorothy--I don't think I'll be able to give up making lists, so I'm glad they are well received!


I've just tried this meme on my blog too; your first lines are much more intriguing than mine!

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