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I love Maupassant! I'm so glad you're enjoying his stories, Danielle, and this one sounds like a classic!


Litlove--The Necklace and The Horla are my favorites that I've read so far. I am enjoying his other stories as well, but these two sort of stand out. I really like his style of writing. Some of the stories are so short, yet he tells an amazing story in so few words--how does he do that!

Dorothy W.

I love The Necklace! It's the only Maupassant I've read; perhaps I should read more ...


Dorothy--The Necklace is one of my favorites of his stories that I've read so far. I would give The Horla a try. I am enjoying reading some of his other stories as well.


I think I read that in school. Ah, the folly of pride and awe of the rich.


I read this in high school, and I really enjoyed it. Another author for the short story list!

Carl V.

The Necklace sounds like an amazing story. I least I think I posting about this author in the past and the short stories sounded interesting then. I'm going to have to make sure this book gets on my tbr pile!


I'm with Dorothy W.: The Necklace is one of my favorites of DeMaupassant. Though I really haven't read his work in complete depth!


I loooove The Necklace! I used to make my high school students read it, and they totally loved it too.


I love that story too! It's the only Maupassant I've read though so I need to add The Horla to my list. Actually, I still need to read Madame Bovary too!


Sylvia--It's not always greener on the other side, is it?!
Eva--I am really enjoying the stories in this small collection. If you are looking for more short story authors he would be a good one to try.
Carl--I think you'd like his story The Horla, which I read for the RIP challenge. Actually some of his other stories have that creepy feel as well.
LK--He certainly has a lot of stories to choose from. I am enjoying dipping into some of them, though I think it would take some time to read them all!
Andi--I can see where this would be an appealing story for younger readers as well. That twist at the end was great.
Iliana--I had never read him prior to this year--that I can recall anyway. I'm glad I discovered him. I think you'd like The Horla by the way--and it is a nice quick read.

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