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Literary Feline

I am about to begin my journey into Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace. That is my big reading project this next year, and I am very much looking forward to it. Both Gentlemen and Players and Fingersmith are books I hope to read sometime in the future.

It sounds like you had a wonderful reading year. I hope this next year is just as rewarding!


I really want to read some of Collette soon. :D And War and Peace is just waiting for me! All of your posts about KL made me sad I didn't read it along with you...I'm hoping I'll get it in this year, or at least next.


You've got a varied and interesting choice in these 10 books. I've been wondering about The Welsh Girl, so it sounds as though I would like it. Tess, War & Peace and Gentlemen & Players are all great books. I'm still trying to decide which are my top ten reads of 2007.


I did my favorites a week or so ago but I forgot about The Night Watch, which I read in January -- that was an amazing book and really should have featured on my own list! Re. War and Peace -- I've "read" it twice (with about a 35 year gap) but both times had to skip the war bits, I'm afraid.


Great list! I've been following your blog for a while, having heard of it from someone in the Virago group on LibraryThing (I'm lindsacl over there).

I felt exactly the same way about "Tess"! I recently read "Excellent Women" as well, and am now a Pym-ophile. And just last night I finished "Mrs Palfrey" (a Virago edition of course) and loved it!!

Dorothy W.

It sounds like you had a great year! i really need to read more Colette -- I've got Cheri on my shelves and so can easily pick it up. I was so glad to discover Barbara Pym too -- what a great book Excellent Women was!

Carl V.

Top ten lists are hard, and I feel the same way about the books I read this year, and really every year, that you describe in your opening paragraph of this post. Other than the couple of disappointments I listed, there isn't a book on my list that I read this year that I wouldn't reread at some point. It may not happen, but I certainly wouldn't be disappointed if I *had* to reread them. And there are certainly some that I will definitely reread at some point.


A wonderful list! What a great reading year you had!


You have convinced me to give Tess a chance so I plan to do that in 2008. I enjoyed Cheri and Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont as well.


I loved this list - so full of wonderful books. I'm definitely reading The Welsh Girl, Gentlemen and Players and Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont in 2008! I think you have singlehandedly tripled the size of my TBR pile this year, Danielle, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for it! Happy New Year!

Sam Houston

I've "accepted" my first challenge, the Russian reading one, and "War and Peace" is the one I'll be starting later this week. I bought the new translation and if I don't get a hernia carrying it around the house, I hope to finish it in a few weeks (months?). It's definitely not one I'll be carrying outside the house much.

"The Weslh Girl" is a really good didn't make my "Best Of" list but it was a near-miss.


I really enjoyed The Welsh Girl when I read it!


Literary Feline--Good luck with W&P. It's a truly wonderful book--one I'd like to reread someday. You'll love both Gentlemen and Players and Fingersmith when you get to them, too!!
Eva--KL is a chunky book, but it really does read faster than you think--and it is not hard going either. Good luck with W&P--I think you will be in good company as it sounds as though lots of people are reading it this year.
BooksPlease--I really loved the Welsh Girl. I wouldn't even mind rereading it this year. And I bet it is even out in paper now in the UK?
Harriet--I want to read more of Sarah Waters work. I have Night Watch on my pile, but I might read another of her Victorian novels first. As for W&P--some of those philosophical sections did go on a bit, and those last 75 pages were a little hard going, but I did manage them. I might skim those if I read it again...
Laura--Thanks so much for leaving a comment. I belong to a few of those LT groups as well, but I don't get over there to read posts as often as I'd like. Isn't B Pym wonderful? I plan on reading more of her work this year. And more Elizabeth Taylor. Do you also collect Viragos? I am always on a look out for them when I go to library sales or used bookstores.
Dorothy--I'd like to read another book by Colette this year as well--Cheri is wonderful and if your copy doesn't have The Last of Cheri, you should look for that as well. I plan on reading more Pym, too.
Carl--I think I liked just about all the books I read. There were a few that maybe were a little weak in some aspect, but I don't think any were a terrible slog.
Stefanie--I did come across some really good books. I'm not sure how to follow up Tolstoy, Cervantes or Undset though!
Sam--I hope you like Tess. For so long I was sort of afraid to read it, and then so many people told me how dark it was, so I guess I was sort of prepared and nothing came as a horrible shock. There is certainly lots there to think about!
Litlove--I think you'll enjoy all those books. The Joanne Harris is wonderful and has that academic setting which I think you'll find amusing. I look forward to hearing what you think of them when you get to them. And Happy New Year to you, too!
Sam--Good luck with W&P. You've held out with the challenges! I get tempted so easily! I had a paperback copy of W&P, so it wasn't too terrible to lug around. I'd love to get the new translation, but I might hold out until it comes out in paperback.
Marg--Wasn't it a good read? I'd like to read more of his work, but I think he only has a couple of short story collections out right now. I'll be looking for more of his longer fiction for sure!


I enjoyed your list(s). I didn't realize The Birth House had made your favorites of 2006 list. Your 2007 is very impressive, with quite a variety of books. I need to read some Elizabeth Taylor!


Tara--I'm looking forward to reading more by Ami McKay. The Birth House is just my sort of book! I really like Elizabeth Taylor and hope to read a few more by her this year. Maybe one of her short story collections.


Tess of the d'Urbervilles is one of my all-time favorite books. I also love Austen. Hope you have a great 2008!!


That is a serious list, Danielle. Any year that contains both Hardy and Tolstoy has got to be considered a great reading year. Happy New Reading Year!

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