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Literary Feline

I enjoyed reading your answers to this meme. And I especially am smitten with your dream library!


Literary Feline--I wouldn't need much if I lived on the coast...really. But that would be my fantasy! :)


Do you know, I feel the same way about The Kite Runner. It's odd, because I really feel I ought to read it and yet cannot (and yes, I possess a copy too). I've also read far more short stories thanks to blogs! But then I think I've read far more of everything....

Dorothy W.

I feel the same about The Kite Runner as well -- just totally uninterested. Any book that gets hyped too much I tend to turn away from. And I want to spend some time in your library -- really badly!


I read Kite Runner when it first came out for a book group and didn't like it much so when it took off I was surprised. I enjoyed reading your answers. Raskolnikov is from Crime and Punishment. I had to read it in high school too and I loved it. I'd like to read it again sometime as well as getting around to reading Brothers K.


I'll confess I haven't read THE KITE RUNNER either. I have read A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS, which was on my top 10 of 2007, but which I would never, never want to read again. I feel that way about a few movies too, THE GREEN MILE being of one of those. Never want to see it again. Glad I saw it once.

I know what you mean about suggesting books to people. I feel silly sometimes saying things like, "Well, for me, it was...", but I have the same problem with recommending restaurants to people. Inevitably, I will love it and then the person I recommend to has a miserable experience or gets sick or something. LOL


I read the Kite Runner because it got so much good hype (and my sister was reading it) but now I never want to open that book again. It was too disturbing.


I enjoyed your answers. I understand what you mean about the Kite Runner. I did read it, but it was very disturbing. It stayed with me for a long time.

I also should have commented regarding short stories when I completed this meme. I never read short stories before I signed on for Kate's Short Story Reading Challenge.


Great answers! I would love to know Italian too and your dream library at the coast sounds fabulous! I read Kite Runner last year and I liked it but it is disturbing. Oh I just got The Woman in White!


This meme was such fun. I'm glad you joined in! Enjoyed your answers very much.

While I have read The Kite Runner, I couldn't bring myself to read his 2nd release, A Thousand Splendid Suns. I'm allergic to that much hype.


I really like this meme and I may steal it for my blog if that is okay. I always enjoy visiting your.


I enjoy reading your answers so much. For the book that makes me cringe, I picked The Road. I thought about naming Kite Runner, which I have and put off the side. Then the movie came out and it's translated into Chinese. The press in HK is still raving about it. So it will stay buried for a bit longer.

For the bookish question I was thankful that bloggers have introduced me a lot more women writers this year, like Joanne Harris, May Sarton and Kate Morton. I enjoyed Chocolat a lot but the 2007 winner for me was Gentleman and Players.

Thanks to the college English class that I took so I could finish Ulysses. The paper on Ulysses was mandatory for every student. So I actually read the whole thing from cover to cover and gave some thoughts about it.


I hesitate about reading super contemporary fiction as well. Since I already read The Economist every week and other news sources, I feel like I need a break from all that when I read! And I hated The Kite Runner (it's one of the rare books that I end thinking 'I want my time back'), so I'll give you my blessing for skipping it. ;) It is, as I've told probably too many people, "emotionally manipulative drivel." The author breaks out every bad thing known to man to try to make the reader cry...I find that very underhanded and a mark of a bad writer. Ok-off the soapbox!

heather (errantdreams)

"Which book do you irrationally cringe away from reading, despite seeing only positive reviews?"

For me it's the Harry Potter books. I must be one of maybe ten people who haven't even cracked the cover of a Potter book.


Litlove--I've read more books and of a great variety thanks to blogs as well. I think I am exposed to so many more writers than I would have been otherwise.
Dorothy--You do sort of wonder about books that get hyped so heavily. Sometimes I give in, but sometimes I just want to stay away as well. That library would be nice, wouldn't it...
Stefanie--I think that is the sort of situation where I would read the Hosseini, too, in a book group setting. I must have read Crime and Punishment then, I remember my teacher going on and on about him. I really do need to read more Russian lit.
Kay--I know what you mean by being happy you read something once but wouldn't necessarily want to ever read it again. I have more than a few of those! That's what I like library books so much for--testing a book out. Sometimes I've later gone and bought the book, if I really loved it.
Jeane--I hear so many bad things in the news right now that it makes reading about those sames subject in fiction sort of hard for me. I guess it's good to know about what's going on, but it can be very uncomfortable, too.
Lisa--I think that's what I'm afraid of--those vivid images. Sometimes you want a book to stay with you, but not usually the negative things. And I'm very glad to have gotten into the habit of reading short stories.


Jaimie--Actually there are lots of languages I would love to know, but I've always wanted to learn italian and even took one course a long time ago. I hope you enjoy The Woman in White! I really need to reread it.
Andi--I think Hosseini's new one has some disturbing scenes in it as well. Maybe someday.
Yolanda--Please feel free to answer the meme--I'll have to go and read your answers--I always find these so interesting.
Matt--I think I'd prefer to read Ulysses in a classroom setting (well, minus having to write a paper on it though!). I would love to have that guidance on the text from a teacher. Wasn't Gentlemen and Players great? She totally had me going--the ending was such a great surprise. I love those types of books, too!
Eva--You're good reading The Economist! Sometimes I flip through it at work. I guess I like books for escapism and if the events are also going on in the world it's not very escapist!
Heather--Actually I know several people who've not read any of them (and have no desire) or just read one or two--so you are definitely not alone.

Simon Thomas

So glad to see others who didn't think much of The Kite Runner! Thought I might be the only one.

I completely know what you mean about the anxious moment when someone says they'll buy a book you've raved about - yes, same here! But some books are so good that they judge the reader, rather than the other way around - and Pride & Prejudice is one of them.

Love your ideal library, and the idea of making one in one's mind. Mine has Georgian green walls, dark wood bookshelves all the way around, and very comfortable armchairs. Lots of lamps, too.


Simon--When others have the same reaction it does sort of validate your feelings, doesn't it. I always hate it when I like/dislike something and everyone else seems to have the opposite opinion! And I can't imagine anyone not liking Jane Austen in general--and P&P specifically. It is just about the most perfect novel really. Not many people can turn a sentence like Jane Austen did. And yes--lamps are a necessity--I think I left them out--and some footstools, too, so I can kick back and relax.

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