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Sam Houston

One of my goals this year is to read more individual short stories and collections. I'm trying to read at least one story a week, although I've only read two so far this year. I think I'll try another of Rendell's stories tomorrow...glad to see that you enjoyed the rather long short story of hers that you read. Novellas are a whole other genre to which I've had little exposure. They don't seem to be all that common.


I really like novellas for some reason. I loved Alan Judd's The Devil's Own Work, and Joyce Carol Oates's Beasts, and the classic novellas by Theodore Storm. I haven't read this. After complaining about the details of thrillers on my site I'm taking this as a warning story! I won't complain again!


Ooh, that sounds really interesting. :-) I've never read any Rendell and I'm not a big thriller/mystery reader, so perhaps short stories would be a good place to start?

Dorothy W.

I'm curious what mystery short stories would be like, so maybe I'll have to try some! This story sounded like fun; I've never read Rendell and should check her out.


Sam--I plan on reading the rest of the stories in this collection as well, but I am trying to space them out. I don't seem to do well when I try and read a story collection straight through. I usually read a story over the weekend and then try and post on it on Sundays. It has gotten me in the habit and I seem to stick to it pretty well. I might look for a John Cheever story next. It's been fun choosing stories randomly, too.
Litlove--I definitely wouldn't want Ambrose Ribbon reading any of my work! LOL. I think your observations about thriller writing are pretty fair actually. You do sort of wonder if these people have any sort of normal lives? Do they ever eat or sleep?! I think I like novellas, too. Hesperus Press seems to publish lots of novellas. I have several on my pile to read. Now I will have to check out the authors/titles you've listed here--thanks!
Victoria--I can't really vouch for all her shorter work, but I did very much enjoy this story. It was a nice little literary twist. I do recommend her books that she writes under the name Barbara Vine--more psychological thrillers really. I think you've mentioned you like Minette Walters and Vine writes in a similar vein. My favorites are A Dark Adapted Eye and Anna's Book (in the UK I think it is Asta's Book).
Dorothy--I've liked Ruth Rendell for quite a while now. She is consistently good I think. I didn't know what a mystery short story would be like either. I wondered if an author could pull of a whole mystery in a short story, but this one was really almost more like Poe's work--sort of along the lines of the macabre.

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