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Sam Houston

It sounds as if you have to make a special effort with short stories in the same way that I do. I "want" to read more of them because I'm impressed with the talent required to write a good short story but they don't come easy for me. I prefer long novels, long movies, long songs, TV series that take years to get through (like The Sopranos, for instance) and I love watching whole seasons of Seinfeld or I Love Lucy, one after the other.

I wonder why that is and why short stories go against the grain for me, but it's been that way forever. But I read three collections last year, most ever, and I'm reading one now, so maybe there's some hope yet.

Carl V.

What a great challenge! I love the banner for it.

I love short stories as well and my go ahead and participate eventhough I just technically finished it by reading the short story anthology that I finished a couple of days ago. I love short stories and will be reading many more this year.


I too have decided to join the Short Story Reading Challenge for the same reasons. I want to read more and hope that this will motivate me to do so. However, I've not been successful with any reading challenges in the past. Hopefully, 2008 will be my year to succeed! I'm also reading a novel in stories, Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. I received this as part of LibraryThing's Early Reviewers Program. I should have already read it but got sidetracked over the holidays. After the first story, I think I'm going to really like it.

Dorothy W.

I'm very curious about the McCarthy book! Perhaps I'll have to read this one as part of Kate's challenge. I do admire McCarthy, but I tend to turn to the novels or essays first.


Sam--I've never been a short story reader. Even now when I pick up a new book to read the blurb if it is short stories I tend to put it down before I've even read the description. I am trying to change that. I started reading them for Carl's RIP challenge and I enjoyed ghost stories so much that I just kept reading. I am finding that I really do enjoy them, but I sort of need to keep myself in a habit of reading them. I think the four collections (which is what I read last year) is the most I've read in a year. I usually want a nice long story/novel, too, but sometimes I'm amazed how much an author can fit into one short story!
Carl--You should join--especially if you plan on reading more. It was your RIP challenge that got me going on stories, and I hope to keep up the habit.
Lis--I have two LT books to read and review, which I should have done ages ago. I have purposely stayed away from their Early Readers program page as I know I am already behind, so I better not try for anymore books for a while! I'm hoping that this challenge and regular posting on stories will keep me going with them.
Dorothy--This is only the second book of hers that I've read. I read The Group a really long time ago. So far I am really enjoying it (more than I thought--when I saw it was 'episodic' I was afraid I wouldn't get into it as much, but that hasn't been the case). I'd like to try her essays some time as well and her autobiographical work. She was a fascinating person.


Ooh I really want to read this too. I'm very tempted to read alongside you, Danielle!


Litlove--I would love to hear your take on her work. I am only on the second story/episode, so not too far into it, but I am really enjoying it. I like her writing style--she is very clever.

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