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Nice review! I am going to make my way through the Maisie Dobbs books this year, in addition to several other series. I've just read book one but have the others here to pick up as I go along.

I just finished Silent in the Sanctuary and I really like it a lot. I just need all these authors to write a little quicker. LOL


You know I love Maisie Dobbs too, and this sounds a wonderful 4th novel. I'll certainly be getting it as soon as it comes out!


Ooo yes the link is broken that's because it should have said

Dorothy W.

Well, this sounds like fun! I'm looking forward to reading or listening to this -- the question will be, which one will I do? We'll have to see how long it takes for my library to get the audio ...

Carl V.

Very cool. I assume you got an advanced reading copy? My wife is dying for this to come out. In fact I walk around carrying her Christmas Barnes and Noble gift card so that I can snag it for her the second I see it on the shelves!


I just got an ARC of this one! I'm so excited to start it - probably today. And, I think you are definitely on to something good - it would be so neat to see if Maisie ever travels to the U.S.


Kay--It's nice discovering a new series when there are four or five novels already out--you have books to look forward to! I hope you enjoy the Maisie books. I thought the Raybourn was great fun. And you are right--these authors do need to write quicker! :)
Litlove--There is something comforting about Maisie Dobbs mysteries! It's nice to have a new one to look forward to!
Jodie--Thanks--I'll try it again! :)
Dorothy--I think I'd enjoy listening to these books! I might just have to go back and listen to them rather than reread! Do you download them from your library?
Carl--I was very fortunate to get an ARC! :) I think it is due to be released on Februrary 19, so there's not too long of a wait now.
Iliana--I hope you enjoy it, too. I'm usually pretty patient about waiting for new books to come out, but there are a few authors (Winspear is one) that I love getting as soon as I can! The man who hires her to investigate is living in Canada now, which made me think it would be cool if Maisie travelled a bit. It will be interesting to see where Maisie goes from here as a few big things happen in this book.

Euro Crime (Karen M)

Glad to hear positive comments about Deanna Raybourn's books. I've just received a review copy of the UK edition of Silent in the Grave. I love the cover!
I'm a bit behind with my Maisies but love the period setting even though I find the mysteries a bit weak.


Karen--The Raybourn books were very fun and I liked the covers, too. I know what you mean about the Maisie Dobbs books. I almost like them more for the period setting/atmosphere and characters than the mystery itself. Usually it isn't too hard to figure things out, but she is good about explaining motivations.

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