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I'm reading Kreutzer Sonata right now for the Russian Reading Challenge. It's a self-lacerating confession of a man who is consumed by jealousy. :) Interesting to see the cross-references.


I'm not a short story reader - but your reviews of them are terrific and I always wind up wanting to read whatever you have. Really.

Your new books look great. I also am awaiting People of the Book - I'm hoping zooba has it for $10. I succumbed to Ghost Map myself recently - it sounds good, doesn't it? Hmm, The Tudors on Netflix - must add that to my list - thanks for the suggestion.


Matt--I'll have to check it out. I bet I can find it online or certainly at the library. It's always interesting to get reading suggestions from authors themselves!
Tara--I never thought I would be a short story reader either, but one a week has turned out to be very manageable and I almost always enjoy whatever I choose! I've never heard of Zooba. Is it online? Borders had it for 30% off at least, so I didn't have to pay full price. I don't like buying cloth books for full price!! And as for the Tudors--not sure how historically accurate it is, but it was fun to watch! I don't think everyone was quite so handsome or pretty however. Still, the settings were so lush and beautiful!

Dorothy W.

It's great how one story leads to another! I've never read Kreutzer Sonata, and I'd never heard of Mary Lavin -- both of them sound like things I should check out.


Congrats on participating in the challenge!


Now this sounds like a marvellous story. I will try and find Mary Lavin's collection soon. I have never been a short story reader but have just finished a collection by Virginia Woolf and loved them. Found there was just enough time to finish a story before drifting off to sleep!


I used to completely skip over forewards and introductions, but now I appreciate them as a great source of information. They can certainly enrich the reading experience a great deal. Such was the case when I read Frankenstein recently and Nabokov's short novel, Pnin. Both stuck with me much more for having read the forewards.

I'm not familiar with Lavin, but I'll definitely give her a try now!


Zooba is an online 'bookclub' just like book of the month club. The catch is, all their books are $9.95, no shipping and they send you one book per month from the list you create. I believe if you join you have to buy a minimum - 3 books I think.


Dorothy--I've been picking stories at random, but I like how a mention by an author or something in a story leads me to the next one. Seeing as I am such a planner when it comes to book, I sort of like this meandering method to short story choices.
Isabel--For once it seemed to actually work out with my reading plans anyway!
Becca--They are nice when you don't feel like getting into a book or just have a very short time for reading. I read one book of short stories during my breaks at work last year. The stories were just the right length! I really need to try some of Virginia Woolf's stories, too.
Andi--I used to skip them, too, but now I usually read them after I've read the book. They can be really helpful understanding the text. Plus with short stories I am always sort of curious about why certain ones were selected for a collection. And sometimes I feel like I overlook things in a story that might be more obvious in a novel.
Tara--I'll have to look it up. I had never heard of it before. It sounds like a sort of Netflix for books--that could be fun!

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