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Lazy Cow

It's a gem isn't it? I especially enjoyed that excerpt you posted, and I've marked so many more in my copy too!


This is one my favourites of hers! I can't wait for the Masterpiece Theatre to start either. :D


I love Jane Austen--there is no one like her, and her books can stand up to any number of re-readings. I'm sure you'll like Emma and Sense and Sensibility (I can't remember if you've read Pride and Prejudice yet). Very few people name Mansfield Park as their favorite, and I'd save that one for later--it's the longest, too.

I'm planning to do a lot of rereading this year, and I suspect at least some Austen is going to make the list!


What a good review you wrote! I have not read this book but have read several others of hers. I am looking forward to the Masterpiece Theatre events as well.


Lovely review, Danielle. You have much to look forward to between the books and the films.

Dorothy W.

That's a great quotation! And it makes me want to read Cecilia and Camilla and re-read Belinda (which I might actually do this year). I should re-read Northanger Abbey too, as I've only read it once, and I've read every other Austen novel multiple times.


That was a fun review Danielle! You make me want to run to my shelf and read the book right now!


I love this book. I read it while visiting Bath several years ago and it made it all the more special in my mind. I"m looking forward to the Masterpiece Theater presentation too!


This is one of my favourite books, too! I think Henry Tilney is pretty special as well. Oh and the BBC has just started a new production of Sense and Sensibility on television, which I am sure will make its way over to you eventually!

Gregory Schultz

A wonderful review. I've been reading and re-reading Jane Austen with great relish for many years. I love all the novels. My personal favorite is Persuasion. I also savor the cinematic adaptations; I find most of them to be delightful adjuncts to the original works. Occasionally when I need a lift, or just to give myself a treat, I sometimes open one volume of Austen and choose a passage at random, to read with extreme pleasure one delightful morsel of her lively "...effusions of wit and humor...conveyed to the world in the best chosen language."

Greg S.


Lazy Cow--I would have posted more excerpts if I didn't think my post was already long enough. It was a fun read and I'm glad I read the Radcliffe first, though Northanger Abbey is quite slim in comparison.
Eva--I've loved everything I've read by Austen and am looking forward to finally reading the others. I will be watching the adaptations on PBS--something to look forward to.
Karen--I've read P&P several times. I've only Emma, Sense and Sensibility and Mansfield Park left. I plan on spreading them out as best I can over the year, and do plan on waiting to read MP until later. It's easy to see why so many people consider her a favorite author.
Kay--I had never really thought to read NA until I got interested in The Mysteries of Udolpho, but I am very glad I read it. I wonder what this will be like as a film version. I wish they would show it first, but I'm not sure what the schedule is.
Tara--I think I could happily read an Austen book and then turn around and read it again. Once I was into the story I realized just how much there was to it and knew I would have to read it again. I can't wait to see the films.
Dorothy--It is a very slim novel--you could easily fit it in between other books. It makes me want to read all those books as well. I wonder how much Austen read herself--if she read the "popular" books as well. I am looking forward to reading a biography of her.
Iliana--Did you visit the pump room, too? I kept wondering what this pump room was and had to look it up finally. It would be a great book to read while there. Persuasion is also set in Bath.
Litlove--It's funny as usually clergymen in Austen's books are funny little annoying men, but Henry Tilney is a pretty agreeable sort of guy in Northanger Abbey. I would have picked him over John Thorpe as well (what a bore). I think S&S will be aired here later in the year. I've heard talk about it from other British readers.
Greg--There really isn't anyone quite like Jane Austen. And you can easily pick up her books and just browse and know you'll find a good passage to read. Persuasion is also my favorite so far (even topping Pride and Prejudice). I usually watch the BBC adaptation of P&P every year at this time, but as it is going to be aired on PBS, I'll just wait until I see it there.

Carl V.

That is a great passage. I remember reading this years ago and really enjoying it. Enough time has passed now that I barely remember the story and should really go back and read it again.


I did visit the Pump room and even had tea and scones. It was just perfect. I would love to go to Bath again - it's such a beautiful city.

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