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That sounds very interesting. I will definitely look for this author. You are not helping me clear my TBR shelf! :)


I'm coming round to reading short stories, and this collection does sound very interesting and more satisfying than some. I find if the stories are too short they leave me feeling bored and dissatisfied. I looked at the Barnes and Noble link and there is a complete short story extracted - wonderful.


Do you know, I'm actually jealous because I'd love to read some Cheever, but he's hard to get hold of in this country. He's on my wish list, though, so I will definitely get around to him in time.


I've had the same problem as litlove. Several times I've gone into a bookshop and thought, 'ah I'll have a look for some Cheever', and turned up nothing. Would you say he was a very American writer? Perhaps that is why he hasn't found an audience in the UK?

Dorothy W.

I've never read Cheever or even thought about it, really, but he sounds very interesting. Cool that you could see an adaptation, too.


The only Cheever I've read (that I remember right now) is "The Swimmer." It's a breathtaking short story...very strange and twisted in some ways...and was also adapted into a film.


Jaimie--I'm always happy to enable another reader! :)
BooksPlease--Really short stories can be sort of hard to decipher (well, if they are meant to be deciphered)--so I know what you mean. It's great B&N has a short story available in its entirety, so you can get a feel for his work! The story I read was about 12 or so pages and I really should have read it twice. But I do plan on reading more of his work!
Litlove--I was thinking about you when I was reading him as I know you are on the look out for good American fiction and I think you would like him. Let me know--I would always be happy to keep an eye out for a used copy for you of his stories.
Victoria--Ditto the offer I made to Litlove. I'd be happy to look for a used copy for you. I've only read the one story, so I'm not sure how to characterize him, but he does seem very American. The Wikipedia said he usually uses the settings of Upper East Side in Manhattan and New England suburbs and his works "express a nostalgia for a vanishing way of life"--so that does sound quite particular to old time America. His writing is really very good though and I'm glad I finally have read something by him.
Dorothy--I'm not sure I would have gone looking for him if I wasn't reading a short story a week. I am trying to find authors that are known for their abilities as short story writers.
Andi--I thought that was his story and had heard of the movie. I would have liked to have read that one over the weekend, but it isn't in the anthology I have. I will have to look for it however!


There was a movie that came out in the 1960s called "The Swimmer". It was based on a Cheever story. Very odd, for a movie. Today it would be an indie-production. Burt Lancaster starred.
I didn't like Cheever when I was in my 20s, but I think I would now. He seems to speak to the disillusionment of middle age.


How lovely - if you ever do come across a second hand copy, then yes, please! We'll mooch.


Bybee--Yes, from what I've heard he does deal with that subject. Since I am feeling in a disillusioned stage in my life--that must be my attraction! :) I have to see if Netflix has that movie!
Litlove--Sounds good! I will see if my favorite used bookstore has any of his story collections. He is exactly the sort of author they would carry, so I will check it out next time I drop by there.

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