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It's not a favourite of mine but I did enjoy "I, Coriander". It was the author's first novel so that shows up a bit, but there are real moments when the book excels, and overall it was a pretty good read. It's historical too, set in England during Cromwell's reign, I think.


Of course I would recommend The Journal of Dora Damage since I enjoyed it so much, but I would be highly tempted by the Ondaatje, too.


Imani-I've heard good things about I, Coriander. It sounds like an entertaining read, plus the period it's set in is of interest to me, too.
Andi--My problem, of course, is that they all sound so appealing. I want to start about half of them, but I know I can't do that. I want something that once I start I don't want to put it down...


Hi, Danielle, I'm over near Council Bluffs. Just wanted to say hi. I probably won't read The Call of the Wild as I've read it before, but I did think about it. I love the zoo. When we first moved here, everyone said how great it was, but I had to go myself to be convinced. Happy reading in the new year to you!

Dorothy W.

Oh, I'm excited about the Mary McCarthy on your list; I just checked, and I don't own that book and have never read it -- I must fix that! I also think it's cool when there's some reason to get out of one's usual reading zone -- it's great that Call of the Wild fits so many of your reading categories and it will be interesting to see what you make of it.


Thanks for sharing your choices for this local reading challenge. I love the idea! I'm always looking for things to do in our library, and I may give this a try. I'm in an academic library, but I did start a student book club last year that was semi-successful. I hope to try some new things for this year. Thanks, again and hope you enjoy your selections.

Carl V.

How great that they are teaming up with the zoo! As you may know I revisted the zoo for the first time in 20 years this past summer and loved it.


I couldn't locate the previous reference to the Winter Reading Club, but what a great idea. Followed the link and looked at the prizes--all very nice! What I was wondering is whether or not there were any meetings or discussions or whether it was simply a matter of each individual reading the books.

At any rate, the choices sound very good and the variety is interesting. Have fun!


I, Coriander was one of my favourite 'reads' (I listened to it) of last year! That's the only one of these I've read, though, so I can't help you decide which one to start with. :)


The Call of the Wild is actually a terrific book; I think you'll enjoy it.

I didn't think the Stott book was brilliant or anything, but I did enjoy it. And if you're really wanting to read Joyce sometime, I'd suggest starting with "Dubliners" -- and/or seeing the movie "The Dead", which is a lovely, poetic movie that showcases Joyce beautifully.


I haven't read any of these but some are also on my TBR list... I'm especially intrigued by Angelica. I checked it out once and had to return it unread too.
I need to check if my library does a winter reading program - this sounds so fun. Enjoy it!


3M--Hi-you're close by! Are the CB public libraries also doing the Jack London read? I've never read him, so I guess I should do so. I picked up my copy at the library today and it is a very slim book, so it should be easy going. The zoo is really nice. It's actually been ages since I've gone and they've done lots of new things to it. I really need to make a point of visiting. My niece goes a couple times a year with her school.
Dorothy--I'm actually looking forward to reading the London book now, so it's good it was 'required' I guess! I decided to start the McCarthy book as I need to choose a story to read. I figured I might as well dive in. The only book by her I've read is The Group. From what little I've read, I think I'll like this.
Lisa--I work in an academic library, too. Does your state do the one book one state thing? One year we read a Willa Cather book and my library did a whole community thing with discussions and speakers and displays. It was a nice way of reaching out to both students and the public community.
Carl--I was surprised to see them working with the zoo, but they must be helping to underwrite the cost of the program. I think there are going to be lots of activities and the London book was the perfect choice to tie it all in.
Jenclair--Sorry, I should have linked back to the reference, but it was just a sentence or two I made in passing. There are indeed all sorts of community activities tieing in the book--movies, discussion and talks. I've yet to take a close look to see what will happen at my branch. Usually the winter reading program is very low key. This is the first year they've had a book like this that you must read. It makes for a nice change!
Eva--I've heard several people now say good things about the book, so I hope to get to it (if not for this program, later this year!).
Kitty--I'm glad to hear you recommend the London book. I am actually looking forward to it now! I've ended up starting with the Mary McCarthy book, rather than the Stott or Ondaatje. Sorry to hear it wasn't quite as good as it sounds, though sometimes a 'good' read can be entertaining as well.
Iliana--I've enjoyed doing the winter reading program. In the summer everything's geared towards the kids, so this is sort of nice to do for the adults. I need to make a point of reading Angelica as I hate to keep checking out the same book and returning it unread! :)


Kitty--Meant to mention this above--my library (where I work) has the movie The Dead. We just got it last year (I work in the order department and I order all media items, so I was the one to order it). It does look good. I think I'd like to start with The Dubliners when it comes to Joyce. Glad to hear the movie is so good.


I really want to read the Esther Freud and the Rebecca Stott. No wonder you can't choose at the moment, Danielle! You have so many fantastic books waiting to be read!


Litlove--This is usually how I get myself into trouble--I start several at once! I like Esther Freud. I read one or two of her earlier novels many years back. I think I've got most of what she's written and would like to get back to reading her books. I thought the Stott looked very intriguing, too.


I have one of CC Humphreys books here to read. One of these days I will get to it!

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