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I love Evelyn Waugh! Have you read Vile Bodies? It was a riot! :)


I've never read Waugh, but I think it's time!

As for Roman Fever, it's BRILLIANT. The story, not the collection. Well, I'm sure the collection is, too, but I've only read the story. And it's one of my all-time faves.


Ok, now I want to get on the cruise. Nice review.

Dorothy W.

I've never read Waugh, but I would like to -- this story sounds good; I love the idea of a written in letters and postcards.


Ashleigh--I've only read Scoop, which was great. I've wanted to read more of his work. I think I have a copy of Vile Bodies actually!
Andi--I'm glad you liked Roman Fever. I've not read any of her short stories, so this collection sounds great. And Waugh is wonderful, too, when you get to him.
Isabel--I wouldn't mind cruising up the Nile either!
Dorothy--Waugh is great, he's really pretty funny. I read Scoop a couple of years ago and want to read more of his work.


"The Oxford Book of Travel Stories" sounds fabulous! I haven't read Waugh and I haven't been on a cruise. But I;d just love to go on a cruise from the UK to Argentina and read and read and read... and reflect upon what i've read :) I can't imagine a better environment for gossiping and social interaction than a ship on a full sea. Just splendid!

Kate S.

The Waugh story sounds marvellous, and I rather like the idea of an anthology devoted to travel stories. I think I'll be looking for a copy for myself!


Chihiro--Waugh is great if you ever get around to him. It does make you want to go on a cruise--what a great way to people watch. I think I'd spend most of my time reading leisurely, too!
Kate--I love these Oxford anthologies. I swear they have one for every subject. I borrowed this copy from my library, but I'd love to own it. It looks like it has lots of good authors and I'd like to read more of the stories.

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