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Does your library allow you to "rent" new books? Ours charges a daily fee for some new books if you don't want to wait in the queue. I've never done it though. I think I would feel under too much pressure to get it read quickly since the money just adds up if you don't!

This was fun to read. Thanks!


I accidentally took a library book from Missouri to Arizona - it got packed with my things! I still have the book, too.


Yesterday a patron complained that we never get new books and we really do every week. I think some people never look at the card catalog and expect all the new books to just be on the shelf like in a bookstore. We only get one copy of every book so the newest Patricia Cornwell book, for example, probably won't see a shelf until about April or May. I haven't really had a favorite librarian and I haven't been shushed by one. When I was a kid my parents never really had time to take me so I didn't visit the library regularly until I got my driver's license. I read constantly before then, but just used the school library or read my mom and grandma's old books instead. The thing I would change about our library is that fact that there is no quiet place to go read! I've tried to read during break and if I'm lucky the conference room will be empty.


I did something similar - insisted that I returned a Curious George book and found it under the bed months later. We did return it....Another time the library insisted I hadn't returned something and I went to the shelf and found it - it was a huge children's book I remembered turning in. So it goes both ways.

Dark Orpheus

I know for a fact our local library gets the new titles late - anything from 6 months to a year later.

But you get to check out 40 books?! The limit at our local library is 4 books maximum for a normal membership. For a premium member (which you have to pay $21 per year), we get either 8 books max, or 4 books and 4 DVDs.

The worst I ever did was to eat in the library - but that was in my school days, in the college library. Where I was "shushed" at by the Not-Very-Nice Librarian. But it's okay, nobody liked her anyway.


I'm a little biased so I won't say much - except that spelling library as "libary" is a lot more innocuous than spelling Public as "pubic"; which we did once on a new website we were launching. Fortunately I saw it before we went live.....

I took a look at Hennepin and boy, am I jealous! Gorgeous! Except - one of my pet peeves - the stairs have open risers. AAAARGH. I always think male architects design those. I really prefer people NOT looking up my skirt as I go upstairs. If we ever get a new building for our library (long overdue) I've told my boss NO open risers. Although he used to be a monk so understands the up-the-robe/skirt issue!


Tricia--No that's something my library doesn't do--though they slap fines on you for not picking up your holds! I wouldn't want to pay to borrow a book--unless it was something I really, really wanted to read. In which case I guess I'd just buy it!
LK--Shocking! :) I suspect by now they've written it off. We've had students mail books back to us from when they return home from school. Oops.
Sam--I know my library is constantly getting in new books, too, but they are never on the new books shelves. You just have to know what you're looking for and look online these days. Only one copy of the books, though? Here it depends on the book--if it is really popular they'll get lots of copies, but if not there may be only three copies circulating amongst the branches. My public library is pretty noisy, too. Luckily where I work, though, I can find a quiet spot to take my lunch and break.
Tara--Yes! It does go both ways. I admit I did have something I thought I returned, but on multiple occasions I've returned materials only to have them say I didn't return them. More than once I've gone back and found them sitting on the shelves--still checked out to me! Now I always check my account online to make sure everythhing is correct.
Dark Orpheus--Ouch--I shouldn't complain! Only four books? I guess you have to choose very carefully! And we used to not allow food in my library, but as there is now a cafe, people are constantly eating--it's sort of strange, but I guess it is the new library mentality (to be more like Barnes & Noble!).
Melanie--Spell check is definitely very important. Good thing you caught the error before going live--or how embarrassing would that be!! I agree about those stairs. Actually for me it's more of a fear--as they look too open and too steep and I have this weird fear of falling! But the whole skirt thing is an issue, too!


That library that you linked to look AMAZING! I now have library envy!

Simon Thomas

I wonder if I'm anyone's favourite librarian...

We gave fines of up to £45 in the Science Library in the Bod...


I was just thinking I needed a fun and fluffy meme for today! Great inspiration, thanks...

Dorothy W.

This makes me want to go visit my library today! I don't use it enough, I think. I'm more likely to want to own the books I read. But it's such a great resource!


Your answers were fun to read. Your video story made me laugh.


Thanks for sharing this. As a librarian, I love to hear people talk about libraries. There are some really weird and interesting things that have happened in libraries. Happy Library Lovers Month!


This is a great meme. Such a great way to honor this wonderful institution!


Great answers to some provocative and amusing questions. 20 library books at once!!! You are a prolific reader!


I just started reading a great little book on libraries in honor of Library Lover's Month. I'm going to have to post on it because some of it is hilarious. Makes me want to work in a library. Granted I'm sure the weirdo patrons are not as fun once you have to deal with them on a daily basis! :)


I remembered nagging my mother to take me to the library for my first card! That was back in Hong Kong. Since then, my affair with the library has never stopped. I manage to visit my local library now at least once a week.


Marg--Isn't that a lovely library? I have nothing that nice where I live.
Simon--It seems like science books are always so much more expensive. It amazes me to see how much a little chemistry book might cost. Woe to the student who loses one of those. They not only have to pay a fine, but the price for replacing the book as well. Ouch.
Smithereens--I'll have to check out your answers, too!
Dorothy--I tend to want my own books as well, but it's nice to check out newer books from the library that I'm unsure of, and also harder to find books.
Stefanie--Needless to say--I pay much closer attention to what I have checked out and try and keep my library pile in one place!
Lisa--Yes, there are some very interesting library stories. I've heard about some interesting patrons, as I'm sure have you!
Jenclair--I'm not sure what I'd do without the library personally!
Becca--Well, I may have had that many at once, but I'm not usually very good at getting them all read....:)
Iliana--I think there are fewer strange patrons in my academic library (though we get our share), but I've seen some interesting ones in the public library. I bet they get a more varied clientele!
Matt--I think I must visit the library about once a week, too! And I've had a library card since I was little as well.

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