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I had to read a fascinating, although at times dry, book by Michael Cart for a YA Lit class: From Romance to Realism: 50 Years of Growth and Change in Young Adult Literature. I think it would be much more fun to read this assemblage!


This is just terrible - yet another book to add to the tbr list! I'll never get round to reading all of them this year, but this sounds like one I shouldn't miss. I confess I was a cataloguer for a while, but fortunately I don't remember all the Dewey Classification system now (well, some of it has still stuck).


I think I saw this book in my library one day when I was wondering around so I'll have to take another look at it. We have 2 people who catalog-my supervisor and me- and we are as different as night and day. She is real careful and picky just like the description and somewhere in the right area is good enough for me. I didn't take a class though so maybe that makes a difference.

Dorothy W.

I never knew there was such a thing as a collection of stories about libraries -- but I should have been surprised! This book sounds like fun.


Tricia--That book does sound as if it had possibilities, but sometimes academic writing can indeed be on the dry side. I enjoyed the stories I read from his anthology, though!
BooksPlease--I took some cataloging classes last fall, and I have to say they were painful! I'm very detail oriented, so you would think this would be right up my alley, but the lady who taught it (it was a distance ed class) was not the best presenter!
Sam--I think I would be somewhere in the middle, too. There are so many rules it would drive me crazy. We do mostly copy cataloging here, so that wouldn't be too bad, but original cataloging would be more of a challenge than I could handle!
Dorothy--I didn't realize it either. I was searching our catalog for general anthologies when I came across it. It's amazing the variety of collections there are available--something for everyone I guess.

heather (errantdreams)

Library lovers' month? Somehow I always miss these things! Clearly I should find an excuse to get to the library this month. ;)


I found this book on the remainder table and bought it only a month ago, so I'm happy to read your thoughts. I'm looking forward to reading it because of the subject and the range of authors.


I have this book somewhere in my stacks. It just sounds so fun and what a great way to celebrate Library Lover's Month!


Heather--I didn't realize it either until I saw it one someone else's blog. Any excuse to go to the library works for me!
Sarah--This is an excellent collection--lots of variety of authors. I wouldn't mind reading more of the stories.
Iliana--Yes, this is a fun collection. I wouldn't mind owning it as well.


This is great. Thanks for sharing this.


Lisa--I'm glad I came across it. It has a good selection of authors in it and how can you not enjoy reading about libraries.

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