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Happy Birthday, Danielle! Is it actually today or are you just celebrating it today? Have fun!


Enjoy your birthday dinner!


¡Feliz cumpleaños! And both memoirs sound good to me. :)

Good luck with the mp3 player. I'm sure you'll love it whatever you get.


Happy birthday. Enjoying following your blog. Enjoy your day!


Happy Birthday! Enjoy the dinner, the company of your family, and the books! :)


Happy Birthday! A Pisces too, like me. Nothing wrong with escaping into a good book, I do it all the time! :)

Les in NE

What a beautiful day in Nebraska (for a change!). Happy birthday. Enjoy your mp3 player.

Love your memoir, btw.


Happy birthday! Have fun MP3 shopping. I never thought I'd have one, but I can't live without it now!


I love both memoirs, but the 2nd one best. Happy Birthday and many happy books in your life to come!

Dorothy W.

Enjoy the birthday dinner! And I love both the memoirs. The second one in particular is perfect!


Happy Birthday!! I'm glad you have a nice sunny day for your celebration.


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday, dear Danielle!! And those 6 word memoirs are just brilliant!

Simon Thomas

Happy Birthday Danielle!
Liked your six word autobiography - not such a bad way to be.


Cornflower--Thanks! My birthday was actually on the 20th, but I've been dragging out the celebrations!
Marg--Thanks--it was yummy (Italian and too much food--LOL).
Sylvia-Gracias! The memoir was easier than I thought! :) And I found a MP3 player that I think I will like.
Kathryn--Thanks very much--glad you are enjoying the blog. And I had a lovely birthday!
Matt--I can do without getting older, but everything else is very nice! I even got a couple of bookstore gift cards--yay.
Ashleigh--I think I am very much a Pisces--isn't it weird how that works out? And books are great for escapism.
Les--After last week's cold weather this weekend has been so nice. Maybe a peek at things to come? I hope!
Andi--Thanks. I think I am going to like my MP3 player. Another little toy to play with, but I think I will get a lot of use out of it.
Kay--Thanks! I have the books lined up! :)
Dorothy--Thanks--we had a good time. A work in progress sort of covers everything, doesn't it.
Ash--Thank you! :)
Litlove--I avoided those little memoirs as long as I could--but it wasn't painful at all to make one! :) Thanks for the Birthday wishes.
Simon--Thanks. If life's a work in progress I can keep changing my mind, right? Some day I'll decide what I want to be when I gorw up! :)

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