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Within a few months I'll be back to writing about library stacks. I miss the library!


I hope that you get the bag.

I hated, hated Elizabeth Costello; the meanest woman in JM Coetzee's world.

But, she is interesting in a way. He's written another book about her; I am thinking of reading about her.


wow, I just went and read about Ophelia and it sounds great. I'm going to put it on my TBR. Read that one, please? I want to hear more about it!

Sycorax Pine

I just read "Set in Stone" and thoroughly enjoyed it. The "Persepolis" books are also wonderful striking, and Pat Barker is one of my favorite authors I have discovered in the last few years. I recommend starting where I did in her work, with her brilliant "Regeneration," the first novel in a trilogy.


Sassymonkey--I've been wondering where you've been. I hope you get back to posting soon.
Isabel--Actually a coworker also reading books for the program picked hers up over the weekend and she said it is sort of cheaply made. Oh well. Last year they gave out great book bags! As for annoying characters--it's weird sometimes how you're compelled to read about them!
Jeane--I definitely want to read Ophelia sooner or later. I'm not really familiar with the story, so perhaps this would be a good introduction. I've heard that it's a good book from several people, too.
Sycorax Pine--I happened upon Set in Stone when I was looking for something else in my library's catalog--it looks really good and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. I can't wait to get started on the Persepolis books (as soon as I finish the Reserve), and I also have Regeneration waiting for me to read!


So many choices! Well, of course I would tell you to start with Dora Damage and the Satrapi graphic novels, but I'm more than a little biased. ;)


And I of course would say read Winter In Madrid!

I know just what you mean about wanting to start them all - sometimes I do just that, but then read a completely different book after all.


I highly recommend 'Dora Damage' but have to admit that 'Set in Stone' sounds fascinating too. Just the sort of book that I would have loved as a young adult, and still attracts me now. Another one for the library hold list methings. :-)


Your whole list looks good. No wonder you are having a hard time deciding which one to read!


I am reading Winter In Madrid right now, and despite my excitement about reading it initially, I am finding it terribly boring and poorly written. Maybe it's just me and I am not in the proper mood for it. I have heard others say they loved it. I don't see the connection with Carlos Ruiz Zafon, though. He seems a much better storyteller.


After reading one of the reviews you've mentioned I just *knew* that I would love The Journal of Dora Damage. I was thrilled to pick up a used copy and have been waiting for just the right moment. Congrats on your new MP3 player! My husband and I both have them and he enjoys listening to books. He generally gets them from itunes - I wasn't aware this was something libraries did - interesting!


I forgot to recommend Mysteries of Winterthurn by Joyce Carol Oates earlier when I posted. I am not sure how to link directly to the Amazon description, so I will just paste the link here:


On one of your other posts, you asked why everyone in the book group hated The Bridge on the Drina.

We think it was the translation. And then, the main character was the bridge. He talked about people but they were incidental.

I really wanted to finish it because I wanted to learn more about Serbia and Bosnia and why they never got along(and look now at them with all the new problems.) But I just couldn't trudge through it.

Hopefully, you will be able to finish it.


I have similar experience in which I check out the reviews and see if someone else feels the same way about a book, usually when I'm not too keen on the reading.

Journal of Dora Damage is still on my night-stand. I brought it with me to Asia but never got to reading it. I can't wait to pick it up.

Dorothy W.

I don't like that feeling of rushing through a book to get to the next one -- and I do that sometimes even if I'm enjoying something! I hope you end up enjoying the rest of the Banks novel.


Andi--I started Dora Damage and love it so far. It was so easy to get right into the story--yay.
BooksPlease--I will actually pick the book up after work tonight (but I knew I was getting it so included it on my list), so until then I started a couple of other books. After reading Carmen Laforet's novel, I wouldn't mind reading more about Spain and the Civil War period!
Victoria--I decided to start Dora (since this is the second time I've checked out the book), but I do plan on reading the other one as well. Why is it I can read this sort of book over and over again?
Stefanie--This is usually what gets me into trouble...since I picked two to start rather than one...:)
Beth--I'll be curious to see the book (I'm actually getting it after work later). I'll give it a try and see how it goes!


Tara--I've started Dora Damage and I'm already enjoying it! I think I'm going to like having an MP3 player. It's only been a hassle downloading all the appropriate software. iTunes will work with my machine, but it's a drop and drag thing, which I've discovered I'm not very good at. And you might see if your library offers free audio book downloads. Mine won't work with iPods, but with all other players. You just need the software and then you can transfer it to the player. It isn't a huge selection, but I've gone through the list and found some interesting titles. And free is always good!
Beth--Thanks for the suggestions. It sounds good. My library owns the book so I've pulled it and have it here at my desk. I'll have to check it out (once I return a few other books)!
Isabel--That does sound different. I knew the bridge played a prominent role in the book, but I didn't realize it was the main character--very different, eh? We'll see how it goes.
Matt--I try and stay away from reviews, but I tend to want to know if anyone else is having similar feelings when I don't like something. And I've started Dora Damage and it's very good so far!
Dorothy--In this case I couldn't rush fast enough. I always feel bad when I don't like something, but I considered skimming in this case, but I read every last word. I do need to slow down now, though. I had too many books I felt like I needed to finish by the end of the month--now I can relax.


Along with Beth, I feel I must warn you against Winter in Madrid. The blurb is a bit deceiving. I found it one of the 2 most disappointing books I read last year.


Set in Stone sounds wonderful! Has all the elements I like :)
I hope you get to finish your book so you can get your book bag!


Smithereens--Sorry to hear that--but I know how it happens sometimes with books! At least it is a library copy, so I won't feel bad about returning it unread if it doesn't appeal to me.
Iliana--I got my book bag today! :) And a coupon to the next library sale next week. I'm so glad to hear good responses to The Stone Angel!

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