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I love the Bernie Berlin book! Lots of fun stuff in there. I'm hoping to read The Stone Angel sometime this year, I've got as far as putting it on my bedside table. Don't forget to check out when looking for UK published books. We often either get them the same time as UK or not too long afterwards. I just checked and Our Horses in Egypt is due out Apr. 22.


Happy birthday!

It does take a bit to get oriented in the Belben. I've received her earlier novel, Hound Music, and I'm looking forward to it.

And I must start Stone Angel. I'm really running behind this month. . .


Happy Birthday!

Those ATC books look beautiful - I haven't seen anything like them before. No wonder you can't wait to get out your paints.


Happy Birthday Danielle! Wish you another great year of literary discoveries!


Danielle, Happy birthday!!! I wish you loads of marvellous books for all the coming years and many happy times while reading them :) A present from Amazon is always a wonderful surprise, isn't it? It's good you're enjoying your new books :)

Dorothy W.

Happy birthday! I'm really enjoying The Stone Angel, and I think it's great that Kari Skogland will join the conversation -- thanks for making that happen!


Happy Birthday! I had never seen the ATCs before. I don't dare look into it too closely for fear of another distraction taking over my life. :) Between reading, knitting, and scrapbooking, I don't think I have room for another addiction.


Happy Birthday Danielle - hope you have a wonderful birthday.


Hello happy birthday! What nice crafty presents.

Also just wondering if you'd had any more thoughts about letting me feature your needlework on my blog or in fact about contributign some great crafty content.


Happy Birthday! How exciting to get some wishlist books! Hope you have a great day!!


Happy Birthday Danielle! What a nice surprise from your friend.

heather (errantdreams)

'Our Horses in Egypt' sounds fascinating!

Carl V.

Happy Birthday!!! You should be celebrating every day this week, not just the weekend! We always make the whole week special for wife and I figure at our age we need to milk birthdays for all they are worth. Ha!


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday!

And that is so cool that the screenwriter is going to join us for the discussion!


Many thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a very nice day including being sung to (happy birthday of course) by my niece and her friend--including extra refrains of cha-cha-cha! :)

Nicola--Definitely read the Laurence book--it's so good, I'm having a hard time putting it down! And I do need to remember to check for the idea. You are lucky to get UK published books quicker! And isn't the Bernie Berlin book great? I'm so happy to have a copy of it.
Susan--Reading yours and Sandra's posts on the Belben has helped me figure things out. I do plan continuing on with the book. And the Laurence reads pretty fast really, so you should be fine.
BooksPlease--ATCs are like mini collages. I have quite a collection of them and they are addictive to make!
Smithereens--I think I might just be sharing some new library discoveries very soon...:)
Chihiro--The Amazon boxes were totally unexpected, so therefore doubly appreciated. And they're the exact sort of books I wouldn't get around to buying for myself right away.
Dorothy--I really am enjoying the Laurence as well. I'm so glad the group chose it as I'm not sure when I would have gotten to it otherwise. Kari Skogland emailed me letting me know about the movie. I hope no one minds that I invited her for the discussion. I think it will be very interesting to hear her perspective and about the movie. I'm so glad she sent the email.
Lisa--ATCs are very fun, and when I started that's literally all I did for a year. I sort of burned out on them, so haven't made any in a while, but this makes me want to start again (though not as intensely as before!!).


Brenda--Thanks very much--it was nice indeed!
Jodie--Thanks. Please email me ('m so sorry--It completely escaped me! If I don't write things down or have an email it tends to get pushed back in my mind--never to be seen again! :) I'd be happy to share my needlework though--just let me know what you'd need!
Jaimie--I tend to keep the wishlist more for me as a reminder of titles, so it is always exciting to actually get a book or two from it!
Tara--I've sort of started dreading birthdays, so I forgot all the nice things about them--like people sending birthday wishes and gifts!
Heather--I thought so too--what an unusual sort of story. I can't wait to get into the book properly.
Carl--I think I agree with you! :) Actually I did have cake and flowers yesterday and will have more cake and dinner on the weekend. Plus I plan on spluring tomorrow at Half Price books...
Stefanie--Isn't it cool how the internet brings people together! She would never have found us otherwise. I'm happy she will have an opportunity to join in--I know how busy filmmakers are--in my work I do a lot of ordering of even obscure (low budget documentary type) films and it can be hard to get in contact with them! I'm really looking forward to this!


Happy Birthday, Danielle!! I do hope you had a lovely day with lots and lots of books as presents! Wow - how exciting to have the film director involved in the Slaves discussion. I can already think of loads of questions I'd want to ask... but that reminds me, Must Read That Book Now!!


Oh I'm late to the party but happy birthday Danielle!! I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and of course wishing you a fantastic celebration this weekend. Just think, I bet you get even more books :)
Oh and super excited about the Stone Angel movie - had no idea! I love the ATC Workshop book.. I've tried some of the techniques and thought they were very well explained. The 1000 ATC book I was a bit disappointed with but I guess I was looking for more techniques too.


Litlove--Thanks for the birthday wishes--I had a lovely day. And I hope you have had a chance to read the Laurence book--I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
Iliana--Thanks--I didn't get any more books, but I did get two gift cards! And I had no idea what to expect for the 1000 Atcs, but as I got the other two that were filled with techniques,I was happy to get the other as well as it has lots of inspiration!

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