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I was going to suggest Between Friends to add to your list - I was sceptical at first but I loved it


I know I sent you CHRISTMAS LETTERS but let me put in a plug for THESE IS MY WORDS (one of my very, very favorite books), BETWEEN FRIENDS and DEAREST STRANGER, DEAREST FRIEND. Have read all those and enjoyed them very much.


I really like the Color Purple and These Is My Words. Our Horses In Egypt is on my TBR. The rest of these are new to me. More books for the TBR!


I can't recommend 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' enough. It is simply delicious. :-) I haven't heard of a lot of the others though...more things for the wishlist.


Great list! I'm highly interested A Woman Destroyed - and I loved Bridget Jone's Diary, although it's been years since I read it.

Dorothy W.

What a useful list -- thank you! I can't believe I forgot to mention Evelina -- I'm glad someone else did. Half of these I didn't realize were epistolary, such as The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and We Need to Talk About Kevin.


Pamela--I've heard of this author, but never picked up any of her books. I'll be looking for this one, though.
Kay--I actually have These is My Words, but I didn't realize it was epistolary (as I've not yet read it)--I'll have to pull that one out for sure. Thanks for the suggestions--I'll have to print out this list next time I go to the library.
Jeane--My list grew as well! I read The Color Purple when I was in college, which I guess has been so long ago now that I've pretty much forgotten the details. I need to reread it. Our Horses in Egypt is very good--I've got a bit left to finish, and I have to return it tomorrow, so I'll be reading later for sure!
Victoria--I never really realized that is what the Shriver book was about--it sounds very intriguing actually. I don't know why I never bothered to look as I have heard it's very good. Now I'll have to look for it next time I go book shopping.
Courtney--I read Bridget Jones's Diary, too. I don't know why that never came to mind (I love the movie as well). There is such a nice variety of books here and they are all in the same format even if the subjects are so different, which is really interesting.
Dorothy--I'm surprised by some of these as well. I thought it would be handy to put together this list (I should do it more often when I get so many suggestions). And I've been meaning to read Evelina--I didn't know it was in epistolary format, which makes me want to read it all the more (same for the Bronte book).


I love your lists Danielle, but oh they are so deadly to my TBR pile! May I add one more to the list? Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn. It is short, clever and loads of fun.


Stefanie--This is how I get myself into trouble--asking for suggestions from other readers! I've heard of the Dunn book--thanks, I will add it to my list. I didn't realize it was epistolary. The title is certainly intriguing sounding!

Les in NE

I may have to use this list for an endcap display at work. I might use Simon & Garfunkel's lyrics, "Why don't you write me, a letter would brighten my loneliest evening..." for the signage, but I wonder how many people would recognize the words!


I can recommend Night Letters by Robert Dessaix, which I've just reviewed on my blog.

I'd forgotten that We Need to Talk About Kevin is a series of letters. A wonderful, life-changing book.


Les--There is lots of good things on the list! I like the lyrics, but I have to admit I wouldn't have gotten them (but I'm terrible with music!). Maybe you could put a line attributing them?
Kimbofo--I'll have to go and read your review--thanks for the suggestion. I am definitely going to have to read the Shriver book--I keep hearing such good things about it!


Great list! I have read several of those but The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is my favorite! I would love to hear what you think of that one!

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