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I've become very interested in reading this book after seeing it on several blogs. I liked reading your review; it gives me a clearer picture of the books' character.

Dorothy W.

Very intriguing review! I wouldn't have come across this book and be interested in it either if it weren't for blog reviews. It does sound like a good read -- at some point I'll be in the mood for a challenge and then I'll give it a try.


This is a wonderful review, Danielle, and it certainly brings the book to life. For some reason, this is one of those books I hang back from reading, but I enjoyed your thoughts on it very much indeed!


What a fascinating story. I really enjoyed your review and will have to put this one on my TBR list.


Jeane--Didn't you say you had a horse? I've seen the horse books on your blog, so you might really like this book (and get all those references I missed). It is sad going at parts, but so well done and she doesn't do the emotional blackmail thing to her readers either. It is being published over here, so it should be more easily available, too!
Dorothy--Her writing style is very unusual, but really very lovely, too. I think you might like it.
Litlove--I have plenty of books like that as well--other readers make it sound wonderful, but I just can't quite bring myself to read it. Isn't it so nice to have so many good choices!
Iliana--It's definitely a different take on WWI. I had no idea. There was actually a woman who did go to Egypt to set up a War Horse Hospital to help those horses left after the war. Apparently it is still there and there are other branches in other European countries that help educate people on the animals and how to care for them.


I'm still on the fence about this one; I really want to read it, but lost my own horse so recently that I'm not sure I'm emotionally up to it! Maybe I'll just get myself a copy and hang onto it; I know I'll want to read it at some point, and from what you say, it doesn't sound like she beats you over the head with horse horror stories or anything...


Oolookity--The book is really lovely, though it does have its sad parts. I think she does those sections well--not pushing the reader too far. Perhaps you can read it sometime in the future--I can certainly understand why you might not be in the mood for it at the moment!


No; I don't have a horse! Just two cats and a toddler in small apartment. I do love horses, though and think that if I had another life (not being city raised), I'd live on a horse farm!


Your first paragraph describes almost exactly how I am feeling about Gate of the Sun by Elias Khoury, which takes place in Palestine and Lebanon. Our Horses in Egypt sounds interesting, I liked your review!

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