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I just picked this up at the library today, it sounds good! I like that they're short stories that I can finish in one go. I put up a list of the Jeeves books by Wodehouse on my blog. Lots of short stories there for you. I just started reading Crash by J.G. Ballard - good God it's disturbing!

Simon Thomas

Oh goodness, I've STILL not read Jonathan Strange et al - I was given a copy as a birthday present in 2006, so no excuse. It's just so biiiig.... I should remember I am talking to the woman who has read War and Peace!


Ashleigh--Is the Ballard story the one they made a movie of a year or two ago? I've not read any of his work. I've been trying to read one story a week, but I also want to read a few collections. I like being able to finish a story in one sitting as well. Thanks for that list--I've printed it out and will look for one of his story collections!
Simon--I think it looks big as well! And small print and footnotes! I've had it for a while, too and been hesitant to start it, though I'm looking forward to reading it. The stories should be a good way to start anyway. I sort of like those long, epic reads occasionally!


If I remember, this is the only one of the stories in the collection that really references Jonathon Strange, etc. Could be wrong though!

I was wondering, do you have a link of participants in the Les Mis reading group? I've been staring it at for a week now, and I'm still a bit nervous about actually reading it, so I thought reading some other people's posts on it might inspire me! No big deal if you don't. :)


I thought this was the book was what inspired the movie Crash that won so many awards a couple of years ago... oh no! Totally different, although it was made into a movie back in 1996 starring James Spader also titled Crash. The book is about the main character's obsession with car crashes and is rather pornographic and grotesque. But I must persevere because it's on the 1001 list. I'm just glad it's only 185 pages.


i think it did help that I'd read Jonathan Strange first, but I expect when you do read it you'll find it helps having read Ladies of Grace Adieu first as well. It is a strange feeling when you don't know the allusions! I liked the story about the Duke of Wellington's horse and Mrs Mabb!

I'm fascinated by the Raven King too!


Jonathan Strange is one of those books that I desperately want to read and I lust after every time I see it. However, the size of it terrifies my short attention span. Grace Adieu looks great. Thanks for the review of the first story! Intriguing!


I don't think you'll miss too much plotwise not having read JS+MN before 'Ladies'...but you might feel a bit adrift in Clarkes' world. All of the stories in Ladies are set in her alternate England, an England in which magic and fairy have seeped through the cracks in reality. It has a very particular ambience. You should definitely step it up the TBR pile because you'll love it. :-)


I must confess that I too have had Jonathan Strange... on the tbr pile for way too long. The Ladies of Grace Adieu sounds fascinating. Maybe I'll have to bite the bullet and read JS and pick up The Ladies of Grace Adieu, as well. I know what you mean Danielle about allusions in books. I don't like feeling like I'm on the wrong end of an inside joke.


This reminds me of when I tried to read To Say Nothing of the Dog without having read Three Men in a Boat first. It was a failed attempt. But it sounds like Ladies of Grace Adieu is an excellent read and could stand alone.


This is unrelated to Jonathan Strange, but where are you in Les Miserables? Do you have weekly goals?

I'm only a few chapters in - I just read the chapter about the trip to bandit infested mountains that turned out so nicely.


Eva--I'd also like to know who's reading along. We might be getting a blog, so that would help in terms of people being able to talk about it and be able to discuss. I say just jump in--there's no need to be nervous!
Ashleigh--I don't think I had heard of the book before you mentioned it. I might have to skip that one, though there must have been something redeeming about it to make the list?
BooksPlease--I'm sure I'll get used to the style. I plan on working my way through the stories even though I've not read the novel, but I'm still looking forward to reading the book!
Andi--I don't tend to pick up really long books very easily either. Once I get going I'm fine. I feel like it will take me too long to read them...
Victoria--It sounds a little like Neil Gaiman's Stardust, which I really enjoyed, though it was sort of on the fluffy side. I have JS&MR close by. Maybe when I get through a few other books first...I think I'll enjoy it when I get to it.
Lisa--Well, I'll read them in reverse order, but it sounds like maybe for most of the stories it doesn't matter. I guess I already understand the footnotes when I get to the novel!
Jeane--I've heard of those two novels and have them on my list. Did you ever go back and read them in order? Surely short stories should stand on their own?
Beth--My goal was 200 pages a week, but I think 100-ish is more reasonable! I posted on the book today!

Dorothy W.

It's interesting to think about how the novel and the stories are related -- I haven't read either, but we do have the novel in our house, so maybe I'll pick it up one day. It would be a good summer read.


You have inspired/enabled me to order Mr Norrell, so hope to have it soon and start reading it. thanks!!!!! also going to look for Dora Damage as the snip from your above post is irresistible.


Dorothy--It would be a good book to read over a summer. It is certainly long enough. And it's interesting how she wrote stories in the same Victorian/fairy world. It makes me very curious about the book now.
Cintronyella--Dora Damage is wonderful!! I hope that excerpt wasn't too salacious. It is very serious, but sort of not either. The subjects are serious, but Doar takes everything in such great stride. I would have hated to be a woman then! And doesn't Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell sound great?!

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