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I had never heard of Saki until now, but your review make the stories seem very interesting. Thanks for including the links, I am off to print the stories now and I will probably read them tonight. I'm looking forward to them.


I've heard about Saki often, but I've never read any of his work. Your description--as having a touch of the macabre--got my attention right away! Thanks for the recommendation.


You find interesting authors! Congrats.

Check out my blog for the Lisa See event.


I had never heard of "An Open Window" before now; enjoyed it very much. We read "Laura" in school in several different English classes and I have "Down Pens" in a Christmas anthology. I have always loved Saki's endings!


Oh, I love Saki. "Sredni Vashtar" is another one of my favorites (I think I've spelled it right!) He's so snarky, and I love the way he can go from funny to macabre.


Myrthe--I hope you like them. I think most of his work in now in the public domain, so you can likely find his stories online. I'm happy I finally gave him a try.
Andi--The stories I read are very short and you might like them--The Open Window was great and a very quick read.
Isabel--I think sometimes reading one author leads to another when someone else is mentioned. I'm looking forward to hearing about Lisa See, too.
Linda--I didn't even realize Saki was a man until I looked for his bio online. I don't recall reading his work, but an Open Window seemed familiar--I thought it was wonderfully done. I'll have to go and read the stories you mention as well--thanks.
Kitty-I like his style as well. He had a really biting sort of humor. I'll check out the story you mention--thanks.

Ms Alex (Daemonwolf Books)

Hi there, I love Saki, he's one of my favourite authors. Clovis does indeed turn up in a lot of his stories, to paraphrase Monty Python, he's a very naughty boy. :)

My favourite Saki story is Sredni Vashtar. It's well worth searching for...

Oh, one other fact that might interest you, HH Munro chose the name Saki as it is the name of a type of small monkey which is supposed to be quite vicious and laughs like a human.

Dorothy W.

It IS hard to deal with the politically incorrect stuff you come across in books -- it seems fair to remember the time period it was written in when making judgments, but still those attitudes can make me very uncomfortable.


Ms Alex--Yes, Clovis seems naughty indeed! You're the second person to mention that story, so I will definitely have to read it. I didn't realize about the name--how very fitting! The name certainly fits his writing style.
Dorothy--It's not all that unusual to come across this un-PC-ness in books (especially written at this time), but you're right it can make you very uncomfortable. There was just one (well, maybe two) instance in one of the stories I read, so maybe it's not the norm in his work.

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