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I'm in 'Saint-Denis' territory, pg. 960 to be exact. Don't think I'll be finishing my weekly dose this week but I do hope to finish the book next weekend. I also have been slacking on the review bit... been so busy trying to catch up on reviewing my finished reads. I have to say that I'm surprised at how easy a read it's turned out to be, must be due to the great translation.


I've yet to start the second book. How difficult is it to get through the Battle of Waterloo? Should I be dreading it the way that I am?

Dorothy W.

Glad you are enjoying this -- it sounds great and there's nothing wrong with taking all summer to finish!


Ashleigh--I think it's easy going as well. I've been reading bits of the online version (project gutenberg) and it's not bad, but I think the Signet Classic is the better translation. Maybe if I know I'll be posting after each section I'll stay on track!
Susan--The Waterloo section is only about 50-60 pages. I didn't think it was too bad--parts were slow, but it wasn't too painful to get through. I divided it up into about three chunks so it wasn't too much to take at once. I'd read a little about the battle, so it wasn't anything too new, only this time I got the French version!
Dorothy--I'm not sure why I felt the need to fly through it. I spent the summer on Don Quixote last summer and this is even longer!


I'm still in Part One, having got sidetracked by other books. I'm reading Hilary Mantel's Giving Up the Ghost, which I hope to finish today and then it's back to Les Mis - I need to catch up.

Which book of criticism are you reading?


I'm not reading the book with the group, but you are making me want to!


BooksPlease--I'm not much farther than you! And it's easy to get sidetracked!! The criticism is by Twayne's called Les Miserables: Conversion, Revolution, Redemption by Kathryn M. Grossman. I've only flipped through it. It looks like it is essays.
Stefanie--If you get a break over the summer, and have a burning desire you can always join us then! :)


Hello !
As someone who has read it in French a few years ago, I must say it's a very easy book to read even in French. Victor Hugo has never made difficult reading, he's just very famous :) Les Misérables is one of my favourite books, I'm so happy you're doing this challenge ! You should really pay attention to the descriptions, I think those are what make this book fantastic.
I'm currently reading War and Peace bits by bits and finding it really easy to read as well : Tolstoï and Hugo have reputations due to the number of pages for one of their works ( to compare, 1793, or Quatre-vingt Treize in French is a masterpiece and only 300 pages long, same goes for Anna Karenina ) not due to their difficulty. I have to admit I'm more afraid of reading Joyce than I was of reading Tolstoï.
Thank you so much for adding my Sink ! :)


Sibylle--I read W&P last year and you're right it is not hard going--only very long like the Hugo. I'm really enjoying Les Misérables, he goes off on the odd tangent now and then but when he writes about Jean Valjean or Cosette the pages fly by! I am also a bit afraid to read Joyce--eventually! (At least some of his work--maybe not Ulysses or Finnegan's Wake!).

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