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I don't know why I keep forgetting about Ladies of Grace Adieu, but it has been on my list since last year, and I've still not read it. Maybe on my next trip to the library, I'll manage to snag a copy.


Jenclair--I was happily surprised--I really enjoyed the book. I was afraid I would be lost without having read the novel first, but I didn't find that to be a problem!


I loved Ladies of Grace and the Duke of Wellington and the rest and your review brings it all back - just great!

Ice Land and Steps Through the Mist sound wonderful; maybe Ice Land appeals to me more as I haven't got on too well with reading Calvino, Kafka or Borges. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on these.


Very happy to hear that you've enjoyed The Ladies of Grace Adieu. I read it last year for the Once Upon a Time challenge and completely fell in love with some of the stories - they are all quite charming aren't they? If you enjoyed this, you'll probably quite like Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell, even though the size can be quite daunting.

Carl V.

I'm glad you enjoyed this. I have read a few of the stories and was impressed. I look forward to getting back to it sometime, maybe during this challenge. I don't think it is silly at all that you have the qualms you do about reading fantasy/sci fi, etc. I do think you potentially miss out on some amazing books, but the reality is that you seem to be very good at finding amazing books without dipping into this genre at all.


Do not fear Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, thanks to your last weeks post i started reading it on Saturday (when it arrived in the mail) and am on page 326! It goes quickly and if you like footnotes, you will love this book! Its very witty and well done. thanks for enabling me!


I have her big novel to read but get put off by its size - so perhaps I ought to start by considering her stories instead? I know what you mean about fairies - they are not my favourite literary creations, but it all depends on the way they behave in the narrative, I guess! Lovely review as ever, Danielle, and more serious temptation!


Hi Dani,
Like you, I kind of follow a pattern. I hardly ever read short stories, but maybe it's time to try a few again.

I'll put this on my TBR list. You write so well that I always enjoy reading what you have to say!

Dorothy W.

I need to read some short stories again! This book sounds great, although I suspect I'll read JS&MR first. I'm just a bit intimidated by the length. Perhaps this summer?


I love the cover.

Is the book yours?


BooksPlease--I've been reading Ice Land and just love it. I wish I didn't have to set the book down and stop reading--it's that good so far! I've not yet started that book of short stories. It's a very slim collection, so I am hoping to read all the stories. I've only read Kafka out of that group, so I am a little afraid what to expect, but the blurb made the book sound so tempting.
Court--That's what I'm hearing from everone. It makes me want to read the book sooner rather than later. And the stories were charming!
Citronyella--I'm glad the reading is going well. I do like footnotes actually--as long as they are on the same page as the reference! :) I'm not surprised really that the reading goes fast.
Litlove--That's it exactly--fairies are not all terribly nice, are they? And the size of it has also put me off a bit as well (why I decided on the stories rather than the novel)!
Chartroose--Thanks for the nice words! I have never been a short story reader either, but this year I've been reading one a week and it's worked out very well.
Dorothy--The size of it put me off for reading it as part of Carl's challenge, but I am contemplating reconsidering and reading it later instead of other books I chose. I've only heard raves about it, which makes me want to pick it up!
Isabel--I was going to buy it, but I got to the library before I could get to the bookstore, so I just borrowed it. I like the cover, too!


I loved, loved, loved JS&MN, and you've reminded me that I really must get round to this collection soon!

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