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Thanks for the list! Looks like a lot of good ones.

Nothing wrong with comfort/fluffy reads...I like them myself!


Amy--I'm a great fan of historical novels like these. And comfort reads are definitely good now and then!


I'm still debating what book to read next. I've never done Thursday Thirteen, maybe I should have a go next week as I do like reading your lists.

I've read some of these and there are some great books there - 4, 6, 8 and of course 10.

I've not thought about The Far Pavilions for years. When I read it I just had to find more of M.M. Kaye's books. I saw a film of it later - nowhere near as good as the book, but then I usually think that.


I admire your list-making capacities so much, Danielle! I don't know how you do it. Have you ever read Forever Amber by Kathleen Windsor? I have it on my shelves (it's a chunkster) and I was once told it was the definitive historical novel, but that could just have been good PR or enthusiasm. I'd love to find someone who's actually read it!


I agree - there's nothing wrong with comfort reads!


Great list! I loved "Dissolution" and the others in that series, I have "Abundance" and "The Canterbury Papers" in my pile next to the bed. I didn't care for "Nefertiti", but it was a personal thing. I compare all Ancient Egypt books to the ones by Pauline Gedge. Though "Pillar of Fire" by Judith Tarr made quite an impression on me! :-)

Looking forward to more of your lists!


I always enjoy your lists, and I love historical fiction. Thanks for the suggestions!


I've been meaning to read Abundance as well. I loved Naslund's Ahab's Wife so I'm sure she weaves a beautiful tale here.

Dorothy W.

Great list! Madame de Lafayette's The Princess of Cleves popped into my head as another example, something from the 17th C. I'd love to see a list of experimental fiction -- but I'm not at all implying that there's anything wrong with comfort reads! :)


BooksPlease--I loved MM Kaye's mysteries--have you read those? Not terribly PC, but considering when they were written the attitudes towards 'colonials' wasn't surprising. I even bought her memoirs (all three volumes), though I haven't read them. I think I'd like The Far Pavilions.
Litlove--As long as I don't bore people with my lists!! :) I have not read Forever Amber, but I've looked at it in the bookstore--may have to get it one of these time--it is quite a long book, isn't it! I've heard it is a famous historical novel, though, so I should try it.
Cornflower--I don't know if I would enjoy reading so much if I didn't have my comfort reads!
Lezlie--I really haven't read anything about ancient Egypt, so I'm completely open to authors. I like what I've read in Nefertiti, and will also check out the authors/books you mention--thanks.
Lisa--Thanks! I'm glad you find my lists useful! :)
Ashleigh--I loved Ahab's Wife, too. I wouldn't mind rereading that sometime.
Dorothy--I think I have The Princess of Cleves somewhere--bought many years ago. I need to dig it out and look at it again. And I like challenging reads as well--will have to think about a list. I wonder how many books I have that are experimental...

Catherine Delors

Thanks, Danielle, for mentioning Mistress of the Revolution! I look forward to your impressions once you are done reading it.

And Ashleigh, I too am a Princess de Cleves fan.


Catherine--I'll definitely be posting on it when I finish. As I've finally finished another book, I'll be taking this to work with me now this week! :)

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