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This sounds so interesting. The paintings are beautiful and make me wish I paid more attention during Art History class years ago. I am going to check out Vreeland's website. Thanks for another great review!


Jaimie--If you've not tried any of Susan Vreeland's books, and you have an interest in art, her work is great. I think all her books deal with art or artists in some way!

Dorothy W.

This book sounds very interesting! I haven't read Berger either, but I've heard his name enough to be curious; certainly I'd like to look at the "Ways of Seeing" book you mention. Enjoy the rest of Vreeland's stories!


I haven't read any of her novels, but I've been interested in getting them every time I see them. I like to have background information about the novels I'm reading, as well. I think I'd like to check into these. Thanks for the info.


There is a Modigliani story so I hope you won't be disappointed! :)
I think the only thing I would have changed in the book would be to have pictures included. I knew most of the paintings she was referring but still it would have been nice to flip through the pages in the book and have those available. Anyway, I hope you continue to enjoy this one!


I have to reread this book. I took it for my hurricane evacuation. I couldn't concentrate at all. I read two pages/day.

Mark Thwaite

Ways of Seeing is a little dated now, of course, but it is still an absolute classic in its field and anyone with a passing interest in Art and Art History should certainly read it.

Berger's novel "G" is, to my mind, one of the finest books to have won the Booker Prize.

Some folk found his more recent To The Wedding rather sentimental. Perhaps it was, but it moved me to tears and was never mawkish.

I've read most of Berger's work and always found much to value in every single book...


Great post. That is my all time favourite painting. I have a giant framed poster of it infact.


Dorothy--I'm surprised I didn't read him when I was in school, though maybe his work was already becoming dated. I have a few of his books and really do need to dig them out.
Lisa--I've enjoyed all her books that I've read. You should give her a try.
Iliana--Yes, illustrations would be wonderful. At least she has them on her website, but I'm rarely close to a computer when reading. I can't wait to get to the Modigliani story.
Isabel--You must have been totally distracted. I'm not sure I would have been able to concentrate on a book during a hurricane.
Mark--I have read that his Ways of Seeing has been used as a college text. I'd be curious to read it despite it being dated. Thanks for the recommendation on To the Wedding--I know I have that somewhere. I'll have to dig out the books I own by him. I didn't realize he was so prolific or that he won the Booker.
Heather--Do you mean the Renoir? It is lovely. My mom had a framed facsimile of his painting of two girls sitting at a piano that I always loved when growing up.

Mark Thwaite

"G" -- the Booker book -- is the "major" work I guess (as you'd expect) ... And Berger has a new novel out this coming September with Verso called "From A to X" -- one to look out for this.

And another completely unrelated thing: we're giving away a free audiobook of Rudyard Kipling's Kim over on The Book Depository. Yay!!

Go to for more (or direct to


Mark--I will look for "G" and will keep an eye out for his new book as well. I love hearing about new books soon to be released (well more or less soon)--I don't seem to have one good source anymore. Thanks for the heads up on the audio book--I've just recently discovered that I really enjoy listening to books as well.

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