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Dorothy W.

I like the idea of tracing a genre as it develops over time -- it's interesting to see what innovations different writers bring to it. I like your method of reading stories from various collections each week -- it seems like a nice habit!


You need to come down here.

We have power outages more often than the electric company likes to admit.

Especially when there are storms and fires


Dorothy--I like the idea, too, of seeing how writing of a genre changes over time. I'd like to try and read that collection in order. And I am enjoying reading from various collections. I'm not sure I'm reading all the 'important' stories, but then this is an ongoing project so I'm sure I'll get to them eventually.
Isabel--Why does LA also seem like a place where it oozes atmosphere (maybe I'm thinking of Anne Rice). It would be handy to keep a flashlight and a book of ghost stories nearby! :)

Vipula Gupta


I stumbled across your blog and have been hooked since.
I love reading myself and everytime I come to your blog, I am reminded of the millions of works of literature out there to be discovered.Reading your blog always pushes me to take out more time to read :)

I also love to write and have currently started a website with a friend where we both make attempts to write on books ,movies , music and places we love.
If you could take time to read and give feedback, it will be appreciated :)


I think it's nature just being a step away.

The swamps are so close. If a property is not taken care of, the weeds take over quickly. Water surrounds us and stuff grows in it.The humidity hanging over the area most of the year also contributes to the atmosphere. Plus, the Spanish moss.


We've had dark and stormy weekend here in North Carolina -- the perfect ghost story weather. Unfortunately, I didn't have any ghost stories around to read. :( In fact, I didn't do much reading at all. My youngest son went to his senior prom on Saturday, which totally took up the entire day. But, it was fun. Sunday was equally filled with family activities. Maybe tonight it'll still be raining and I can curl up early with a book.


I know what you mean about the right atmosphere - there are some spooky stories that work in the bright sunlight, and others that are made for winter and, much as I love him, Le Fanu is in the latter category. This collection is a corker, there are some brilliant stories in it - my favourite was The Open Door by Charlotte Riddell, and the one that scared me the most was Algernon Blackwood's The Kit-bag - one to read in the dark on your own!


Great bookmooch find! I have a copy of this book too and I was lucky enough to get mine at a book sale. I haven't read any of the stories yet though. You know how that goes :)


Vipula--Many thanks for your nice words. There's so much to read--and not enough time to read it all! I will definitely stop by your website. Thanks for the link.
Isabel--I'd love to visit LA sometime (though maybe not in the middle of summer!). I've traveled to Georgia, and while I know it's different--I loved the weeping willow trees. I think it must be lovely there--and very atmospheric, too.
Lisa--I went to dinner on Saturday with my family and there were lots of prom couples out here, too. I didn't manage much reading time either over the weekend, but then I usually get more time to read during the work week strangely. I hope you get some reading time soon, too.
Eloise--I'm glad to hear this collection is good. I was so happy to mooch a copy. I plan on reading them all, but I might try for more suitable times to read them. I want to read more Le Fanu as well. Even though the story was fairly sedate, he is a good writer.
Iliana--I have lots of short story anthologies laying around--most of them untouched until this year, so I do indeed know how that goes. It's been fun just picking up the books and reading a story here and there.


Awesome that you got hold of The Breaking Point -- the story The Blue Lenses was one of my 10 Ten Horror Short Stories last fall.

Looking forward to hearing which tale(s)you find most compelling in your literary anthology.


LK--Have you read her story Don't Look Now? It's really good, too. I also liked The Blue Lenses a lot. I borrowed the book from the library, but after wanted a copy of my own. I'm glad to get ahold of one! I think I read it on your suggestion, so I actually have you to thank for introducing me to this collection!

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