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How very intriguing this author sounds! You are brilliant at coming up with these new authors, Danielle and making them sound irresistible!


Litlove--I'm glad to have happened upon this book and may have to look for some of his other work. The stories are well done and very different than others that I've read lately.


Wow, this sounds like a fantastic book. I haven't heard of the author either, but his work sounds like it's right up my alley.


Sounds like a beautiful book. I have been reading some speculative fiction lately and is it ever interesting! People have such great imaginations!


What a wonderful post. And I will definitely seek out this book and this press. I, too, am taken by books that are interesting on the outside --whether shape, color, design, or texture.


Just a quick shout-out, I’m still in Hong Kong for interviews…it’s weird to be actually “living” in hometown! Gotta go look for more books as I’ll be running out... :)

Got a few books that are very good reads...drwoning in The Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian. I've also got Woman in White....


First of all the title attracts my attention and the front cover, then your description makes me want to read it, and third it looks so beautifully produced. I'm with you this is why I can't go digital with books either!

Dorothy W.

This sounds really interesting! I've never heard of the author before -- it's disheartening to think of how many great authors I've never heard of ...


You are tempting me with a new publisher! Bad girl.

Glad you found this book.


This book and this press both sound intriguing. I'm also drawn in by nicely produced books. I like the name in the gutter touch; I've never thought of putting something in the gutter before... I suppose quality control would be difficult to manage with huge presses and huge print runs.

Carl V.

Wow, that sounds like an intriguing book. I will certainly look for this one. It is a beautiful looking book and one that I could certainly see myself enjoying, if only for the experience of giving it a try.


Very intriguing indeed! Never heard of the author or the small press for that matter. I love discoveries like these :)
Keep us posted on how the rest of the collection turns out although I get the feeling it'll be a winner.


Oh, this sounds like a good book. And so pretty to look at too. I've added it to my TBR list.


Andi--You do read books that are sort of off the beaten path--you should try this one.
Jaimie--I've never really read much 'speculative' fiction, though it's actually an interesting concept. Resistance, which I started is also speculative fiction--an alternate history, which I am looking forward to getting back to.
Deborah--It's nice to handle a book that has obviously been planned out so nicely--it seems rare that such care is taken with the design.
Matt--I didn't realize you were interviewing for jobs there. Good luck. And I hope you enjoy The Woman in White--that should keep you busy for a while.
BooksPlease--Digital books are fine, but for myself I'd rather handle a book that's been so nicely produced. I love all the details, and the title caught my eye first, too!
Dorothy--I guess it's impossible to keep up new books, but I sometimes wonder what really good books I'm missing. And then there are all the old books that I do know about that I've not yet read...
Isabel--Maybe your library has it? Definitely worth taking a look at.
Melanie--This sounds like a small publisher (not many different titles published), so they must have smaller print runs and can spend more time on design. It had to have been hard to get that signature in the gutter that way!
Carl--I think he has another book of short stories with a similar design that I am going to look for.
Iliana--I like coming across books that are new and unusual. I'm spacing the stories out rather than rushing through them, though there aren't many.
Stefanie--You'll have to let me know when you get around to this one.

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