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I have the same copy of 'Mary Lavelle' waiting bedside. I've only read the first few pages (which I have to do to determine whether a book is going on the next-up pile or the someday shelf).


I have never received a review copy from LibraryThing's program! Hmmm, what's your secret?


I've been getting a fair amount of books from LibaryThing too and I'm not sure why. I am also behing on reading a few of them, but this month's offering were so teriffic I couldn't resist.


Melanie--I do the same thing! I think it sounds very tempting. Although I am enjoying the Mollie Panter Downes book very much, it is a slim novel and in the back of my mind I'm contemplating what might be next...Mary Lavelle, or maybe Enchanted April...?
Amy--I honestly have no idea! I think it's weird that some people have never gotten a book. Luck? Maybe my library is really eclectic? I still don't understand their logarithm. In any case, I need to do some catching up on reading, so I won't ask for any for a while. I did notice that on a few titles they had quite a large amount of books available, so perhaps that will help. Good luck and I hope you get one soon! Do you request more than one, by the way? Sometimes I ask for two different titles, and while I've never gotten more than one, I've usually gotten one of the two.
Tara--There were some tempting titles. One I really wanted was only available to UK members, so that helped me not put my name in! :)


I have "Daphne" waiting in my "to read" pile as well - like you I think I am waiting until I have the dedicated reading time to devote to it (I've actually hidden it away so I can't be tempted!). Have a weeks holiday by the beach next week so that might be just the time. Looking forward to reading your review.


It seems like Daphne Du Maurier has been popping up everywhere lately and perhaps it's time for me to brush off that Virago biography I picked up a little while back.
I don't think any library does their processing the same. I work in the processing dept. of a public library and what we do is catalog all the books we can at one time and stick a note with the date on the shelf with them. Spine labels are created at the same time and then when I get a cartload done someone else will cover, stamp and place security in them. When all that is done my supervisor will do a bibload which has to be done by dates(hence the note). We will not do a bibload until right before we release them since once you do that they are in the card catalog and people can see them. I used to work in another library that would bibload and then let them sit there forever which drove me nuts because staff at the desk kept being bugged about when the books would come out and they had no control over it.


Mary Stewart seems to be on my radar recently - I've heard several friends mention reading her books so I think I'm going to see if I can find some :)


I love getting books in the mail. I have been going to Virago to check out the books and those that are available here have been added to my wishlist. Sorry about the library processing snafu. Very frustrating!


I got The Venetian Mask from the LTER program, too, but am still waiting for it! That's ok, since I can't pick it up yet anyway. I can't wait to hear if I got anything from this month's selections - I requested 10 books, I think!


Ooh, book surprises are always a good thing!

That Daphne book looks really interesting - can't wait to read what you think of it.


Ooh, 'Enchanted April'! My favourite book of all. Try that one next!

Dorothy W.

Those Viragos look really great -- I remember hearing about Kay Boyle; she sounds interesting, as do the others, of course.


Karen--I wish I had a vacation to look forward to. I could use one and would take a nice big pile of books along! :) Daphne looks like the perfect choice!
Sam--She has been popping up lately. I read a bio of her last year and found it really interesting--such a fascinating woman. The library where I work--we used to suppress all books until they were ready to go to the shelves, but we have a new director and everything has changed. Now nothing is suppressed and we get most of our books in shelf ready. Technically they're supposed to get to the shelves within 24 hours of coming in the doors. We're actually pretty quick about it, but the demand is different than the public library (not that we don't get people requesting books that have just arrived and have to scan carts for them). My public library shows all the books even though they are not technically available yet. Working in a library I know better than to bother the poor Circ people about those books since they have no idea where they are and can't do anything about them. It's nice being able to tell when a book is there, but sometimes it feels like weeks go by before it hits the shelves! You'd think I could be more patient working in a library myself!! :)
Iliana--I think one called The Ivy Tree was recently published here in the US. I was able to mooch a copy--it's a nice new edition, too.
Jaimie--I wish they had a list of the OOP books with a book description! Oh well, it's fun getting them and letting it all be a surprise, too. I should have a nice stack of library books by this weekend I'd say!
Somer--Hopefully you received your copy? I read that many had already gotten theirs and then mine finally showed up yesterday. I won't get to it right away either. Good luck on the new list of books. It was tempting--I'll have to request some from the library I think.
Lesley--I can't wait to read the Daphne novel. It is sitting right by my computer. I need to try and finish a few other books first, though.
Melanie--I was almost going to pick it to read right now, but the Panter-Downes also happened to be a challenge book. I might grab it next, though. The perfect book to read in April when it is rainy and cool *like right now!).
Dorothy--Did you know she was born in St Paul, MN. I thought it was interesting she was born here in the midwest. She was part of that expat group of writers in Paris in the 20s though. I need to read more of her short stories!

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