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Yay! I love to see people working throught "THE LIST". Loved The Female Quixote, had mixed feelings about Sense and Sensibility, A Passage to India was great, Brave New World was very 1984 only Orwell did it better and Brideshead Revisted is Waugh all over and I like that! I've been wanting to read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ever since I saw the title. It's not one you easily forget and it sounds catchy.


I've been eyeing this challenge as well, but feel very over-challenged lately. But I love your idea of making a list and seeing how it goes, even if not officially joined up. I may have to do the same thing! There are so many on the list that I'd like to read anyhow (including The Go-Between, which has been on my TBR list for at least 10 years now...pathetic!)


I like your choices! :) I'm reading Evelina too (diff challenge though), so I'll be glad of the company! And I'm planning on rereading S&S, though it's been awhile, so it'll almost be like reading it's one of my least favourite Austens, though...


I saw this challenge too and was tempted enough to copy the list. Some are on my tbr list anyway so maybe I'll get to them sometime. I like your idea of not joining officially and may give it a go, without any time limit.


I'm sworn off challenges but I agree this is a really good one. That's a fabulous collection of books you've got there, Danielle (and the picture is gorgeous). If you haven't read Sense and Sensibility you should start there. You'll love it.

Dorothy W.

Great list of books! I particularly like the first three -- The Female Quixote is lots of fun, Evelina is good too, and Sense and Sensibility is marvelous. I'm sure you'll enjoy this challenge!


Nice list! I'm pretty overchallenged myself, but I have no self-control. I joined. :-)

Have a great day!


I read A Town Like Alice with my bookclub. I wasn't sure if I'd like it but I really did, actually our entire group did which is rare for us. I'd recommend it!


Brideshead Revisited and Far From the Maddening Crowd have both been on my tbr list for quite a while, as well. I'll be anxious to hear what you think about them. I've also looked at this challenge and been tempted, but I am sooo bad at challenges. I think I might do as you did and just do it unofficially if at all.


What a fabulous reading list! I loved The Go-Between. A beautifully written novel that explores naiveté and knowledge, and the mysteries of the human heart. It becomes a favorite since I read it last year. Francine prose's Reading Like a Writer recommends The Birds Fall Down. Prose quotes the most gripping and detailed opening sentence from this Rebecca West classics which I have yet had luck to find.

I'll check out House in Paris and Evelina--both sound very appealing. And classics can rarely go wrong for me! :)


What a fun idea for a challenge. I love the list you put together too. Brave New World is a good one. And it's hard to fail with Jane Austen.


There are so many good challenges that are popping up all over aren't there? I really want to do this one...
All of your choices sound great. Have fun!


Ashleigh--I'm excited about reading these books, but now I'm not sure which one to start with. I'm think the Austen. I saw the film adaptation of it ages ago--I didn't like it, but I watched it again maybe a year ago and it grew on me. Now I'm curiously to see what I'll think of the book.
Melanie--I have so many books that I've wanted to read for a long time! :) I like just reading on my own (rather than joining the challenge), then if I don't complete it, I don't have to mention it again or feel guilty! :)
Eva--I think I will start with S&S first. I am looking forward to reading Evelina--I was looking at it and had forgotten that it is actually an epistolary novel, which should be fun.
BooksPlease--It worked out for me as I could overlap books with other reading goals that I already set for myself. There are so many classics that I really want to read, so this won't feel a chore.
Litlove--I don't blame you for swearing off challenges--especially with all your research. I think I will start with S&S. I am in the mood for Austen with all this talk about the book.
Dorothy--I've wanted to read The Female Quixote since you recommended it. Plus it seems fitting to read it this summer after I read DQ last summer!
Lezlie--Do you have your list up--I'm curious what books others are reading! This is a challenge I am looking forward to!
Tara--It sounds so good, though the death march sounds like it could be painful to read about, which is what has put me off picking up the book. It's quite a recommendation when everyone in a book group likes a book!
Lisa--I'm not good at finishing challenges either. But I am very good at making lists! :) I've been thinking of reading most of these books for ages, so I really need to get to it.
Matt--Have you read anything by Bowen? She's really very good, and she wrote loads of short stories, too. I borrowed the West book, but I'd like to own a copy--not sure it's in print (I don't think it is here, but maybe in the UK?). I found the Prose book on a remaindered table at the bookstore, so will have to check out what she says about it.
Stefanie--I think even a 'not favorite' Jane Austen still has to be pretty darn good. And I've wanted to read Brave New World for several years--how do these books get away from me?
Iliana--When I was going through my bloglines posts over the weekend I was amazed at all the new challenges. Some people are so good at joining and managing them! I know better than to get involved with too many (I get way too distracted), but I just couldn't pass up this one.


I checked out that list some time ago and wish they would expand it to include any of the author's works. Some particular books I am not interested in but I definitely would by in another by the same author.


Jaimie--I know what you mean. The Modern Library list is the same way--I can count several of the authors listed, but I've read other books by them! Given a choice I would choose a different book by Elizabeth Bowen, but she's good, so I'm willing to give a different book a try.


I read Bowen's Death of the Heart for the Outmoded Author Challenge and plan to look up her other works. I believe The Birds Fall Down is available under NYRB series but have no luck of finding a copy. It's been on my list for quite a while now.

Simon T

Fun challenge - with a great title!
The Female Quixote is one I intended to read a while ago, and will eagerly await your verdict..


Matt--I've read Death of the Heart as well and one or two others. She's written quite a lot I think. If you have problems finding the West, I think there are lots of used copies out there. I checked mine out from the library, but I ended up ordering a used copy so I would have it on hand.
Simon--I love the sound of this book and have heard from at least two other bloggers that it is a good read. I hope I get to all the books on my list, but I especially hope to read this one since I read Don Quixote last year!


I am reading my way through the Modern Library's Top 100 Board's list....two down, 98 to go! :) Not so impressed with books #100 and #99, but I am enjoying "The Postman Always Rings Twice". Lots of books I've never read on this list which makes it fun too.

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