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Francene Lewis

Please put my name in the hat. I'm a lurker only since I read blogs on my lunchbreak but yours is one of my favorites. Thanks for doing this.
Francene, the librarian lurker


Oohh, this book sounds like a very good read. Thanks for having a great giveaway!

My favorite one is the pink dress on the right at this link,b.htm


Sign me up - I love free books, and this one looks like a fun read!


I am really looking forward to reading this book!

Don't enter me into the drawer because I'm not eligible (*pout*) but I still had to say so!


Sign me up! I added Tasha Alexander's books to my list of books to read after I read about them on your blog. :-)


There isn't many times I wish I was an American, but now is one of them.

I read the first two books on your recommendation and am really looking forward to the third one. I'll be buying it once I can find it in an Australian bookshop.


I'd look to be entered in the draw too please. I've read the first one and loved it!


Oh, this looks so good. I've read a few mysteries set in this time period recently and am always looking for more. Please enter me!

rhonda lomazow

please enter your blog daily.Would love a worth dress & a chance to dance at a ball.


That dress is just beautiful. I would trip over it somehow. LOL

I already have an arc of this book so don't enter me, but I am looking forward to starting this series. I have all 3 here now and will get to them soon, hopefully. Thanks for sharing the links!


Thanks for dropping your names in the hat everyone! Marg and Sarah--I was so excited that I got not just one or two books to give away, but five. The stipulation was, though, I could only send them to readers here in the US or Canada. I was disappointed as well--I feel bad having to exclude anyone! I know several other readers in the UK and Australia that also follow this series. Hopefully HarperCollins abroad will also make review copies available there, too! Kay--I was thinking that myself. I love those dresses, but I could never wear one (not elegantly anyay!).


Throw me into the hat, too, please... this book looks like great fun!


Well, this sounds like fun...I would love to have my name in the hat for a copy of this!


Lovely dresses! I so wish to be in the US to sign up for that book... sigh!


Have been wanting to read this since it was mentioned earlier!
Count me in, please.


Please enter for this book! Here's my e-mail, just in case.



booo! typos =(


I would love to be entered...I devoured the first two books in the series!


I picked up the first book on account of your review and about 40 pages into it went out and bought the second book--I'm a convert! I'd love to have a copy of the next!


Oooh - this went on my to read list right after I read your review. Please add me to the drawing. Thanks!

Fay Sheco

A review of one of her other books described it as Victorian cozy meets suspense thriller. I'm not generally attracted to "cozies," but the combo sounds promising, especially if she gets the period detail right. Throw my name in the hat, please.


Count me in please!

Margaret Powling

Ooh, please include me, Danielle, in the book draw. I loved Tasha's first book, have her 2nd ready to read, and would love this 3rd one about Lady Emily!

Margaret Powling

Sorry - cancel me in the draw, I live in the UK! I should've read the blog more carefully. I was so keen to get my mitts on the book, forgive me!

J. Kaye

What a wonderful raffle!

Michelle Rosborough

I'd love to read this book


I would love to check this book out! Thanks for the giveaway!

Elizabeth M.

It sounds mysterious, romantic and intriguing. I love it!


I would love to win a copy of this book. :)


Hi Danielle
I check your blog every day; you are a fountain of info on books, new and old. Please put my name in the draw; I love this series.


Hi Danielle,
I love to read your blog; you provide so much info on new and old books.
I like this series, so please put me in the draw!


Hi again:
I couldn't tell if my first message got to you, so sent another. I am new at this blog stuff!
Only put my name in the draw once!


Count me in!


I have recently discovered your blog. I'll be a repeat reader. This book sounds great. Sign me up.

(Also, check out my current giveaway as a kind of thank you:

Melissa Aho

Please add me to the raffle!

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