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Glad you enjoyed this! I agree - I need to read The Widow's War too, and I think certains aspects of the Widow's personality will become more clear. I hope Gunning will wrote more about these characters.


This sounds fascinating! Reading Stefanie's posts on Emerson always reminds me that I know nothing about American history. This book sounds like a wonderful place to start!


Even in Africa, there is still slavery. Sad.

Send me a personal email to tell me this: Did Sarah ever find her father?


Tara--Gunning has a website, but I don't see anything about a new book. I really want to know now about Lyddie and Eben. I couldn't even fix in my mind how old they were, but I'm very curious to see how it all came about.
Litlove--I admire Stefanie's Emerson project! I've not read much in the way of American history (or even fictional books) lately. Sometimes I feel like I know more about British history, since I seem to read so much of it. I need to dig through my shelves and see what I can come up with.
Isabel--It's horrible to think this is still going on! The book was very eye opening in that respect. I will email you and let you know.

John Berger

I found this blog thanks to google, and I just wanted to chime in and add a few things. Im the John Berger from the historical note.

There are many cases of indentured servitude that have been successfully prosecuted in the US. To be honest, no one really knows how may people in the US are indentured servants, but its a real problem here, an in countries like Hatti a very large percentage of the children end up enslaved.

Ill be presenting this Sunday with Beatrice Fernando, a woman who escaped indentured servitude by jumping out of a fourth floor window. Thats this Sunday, Sandwich MA, First Church of Christ , - pot luck dinner at 5:30 - she speaks at 6.

The biggest problem we face in fighting all forms of slavery is that most folks don't know that it exists or that they can do something to help. Our organization helps survivors economically, but if you are interested in legislation - check out If you are interested in research - see -

These and many other great groups can use your help.

And thanks to Sally for including us and the important issue of modern slavery - its great to see that its making an impact.

John Berger


I finished Bound (loved it)a few weeks ago and I, too, have the Age of Homespun on my bedside table which I hope to get to soon.Will have to, of course ,search out the Widow's War as well! (it never stops, does it?). How fun is it that John Berger posted on your blog!


Wow, Bound sounds amazing, and I love the cover! It's one of those books that I would definitely pick up thanks to cover lust.


John--Thanks so much for posting your comment and for the links! It's really an issue that more people should be aware of. I suppose things are being done about it, but I never seem to see it in the media. I will definitely be looking for more information about it! I suppose it is hard to know how many people this affects since it is in the shadows so to speak. Hopefully more people will see your comment here!
Pam--Yes, one book leads to another--that's always what happens to me. We're thinking along the same lines with this one, aren't we. I've wanted to read Laurel Ulrich Thatcher's books for a while now! And yes, very cool that authors occasionally seem to find me when I mention them. I do love it when that happens--they always add so much more to the discussion!
Andi--The cover is very nice, isn't it! It has a very Colonial feel to it, and I need to look it up and see where and when it was painted. It fits the novel to a T!


This sounds like such a great book. Yours is the second review I've read of it. I have a feeling lots of book bloggers are going to pick up this one.


Jeane--I also read another blogger review of this recently. It's well worth searching out. Once you get into it, it's hard to put down! I hope her first novel is equally as good.

nikki Hardin

I loved both Bound and Widow's War...I hope there are more books coming from Gunning set during this period of history.


Nikki--I have yet to read Widow's War, but I have it on hand. I really enjoyed Bound. She's due another new book about now, isn't she?! I also love to read about this period!

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