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Ah, this does sound good indeed. The older I get, the less I see things in black and white.

Ann Darnton

There is a very interesting collection of Le Guin stories called "Changing Planes'. They are linked by the same conceit, a airport lounge that send you on your way to other worlds, but each is entire in and of itself and they raise some very interesting questions about modern living.


I've not read the Orsinian Tales. I will have to get to it one of these days. You might like her short story collection A Fisherman of the Inland Sea. It has a variety of stories from fantasy to sf to normal everyday.


Lisa--I've always been a sort of gray person. Occasionally I think I would absolutely do/or not--something, but really I'm not entirely sure life's that easy either.
Ann--That sounds really interesting. I was almost disappointed that the story wasn't SF, so I'd like to give her other work a try. Thanks!
Stefanie--I'll look this one up as well. No copies for mooching, but I'm sure the library will have it. I've really been wanting to read some SF lately!

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