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I found this book to be really charming. I want to read it again someday soon.


I think this is one of those books you always remember reading for the first time. I think it's the epitome of feel-good literature, because no matter what your mood when you open it, the warmth of San Salvatore and Lotty's insistence on the pervasiveness and healing power of love win you over in the end. Lovely review, Danielle. And I WILL get that email address to you - it keeps going out of my mind!

Margaret Powling

Ooh, you have captured this wonderful novel so well! I shall have to treat myself to a DVD of the film, I so want to see it again!


This is a great review. I really want to read this book now!


How I love this book! It has become a dear friend to me that is is not only full of life, but comforts me. You did a wonderful review on it.


The movie version of this is one of my all time favorites. Its probably about time I actually read it too.


All you had to say was, "It's an absolutely charming novel that ranks up there for me with the likes of 84 Charing Cross Road," and I was sold. Thanks for the thoughtful review. I'm heading to the library today.

Nicola Slade

One of my favourites too and the film is practically perfect in every way, which is rarely the case with a beloved book.


I was reading this book at exactly the same time! It's a delightful read! I hope to find another book by Elizabeth von Arnim in the library tomorrow.


I do so love this book. So glad you enjoyed it too! The movie is also one of those charmed productions in which everything is perfect. I could read it over and over again just for Lotty!


Jeane--Yes, this is definitely one I am saiving for a reread. It seems like a perfect book to read when it is cold and dreary--to think of warm, sunny Italy!!
Litlove--It is very much a feel good sort of book--but not of the soppy sort! Lotty was such an enthusiastic character it was easy to feel the warmth and happiness. It's not often you find a book like that--just pure pleasure without tugging at heart strings.
Margaret--Is it available on DVD in the UK? It seems I've heard it isn't over here, though I've not yet looked into it.
Lisa--This is a book I can definitely recommend. Her book Elizabeth in Her German Garden was also nice, though The Enchanted April is quite special--more of a story, where the other doesn't really have much of a plotline.
Jaimie--It seem like many people have already read it. I wonder why I waited so long!
Claire--I saw the movie several years ago and it was also quite nice. They stayed very true to the novel.
Jessica--Although the stories are quite different--they are both very charming! Both authors were pure pleasure to read. I love Helene Hanff's books and need to pull them out and reread them!
Nicola--The movie was well done, wasn't it! It's not often that the filmmaker gets it just right!
Padma--I think she has several novels, though I'm not sure what's in print. A library would probably be the best place to find something by her. You'll have to let me know what you find. I must look for something else as well. Last year I read Elizabeth and Her German Garden and I think there is a sequel (Solitary Summer?), which I want to read now.
Melanie--Isn't Lotty great? She's so genuine, though she did crack me up with some of the things she said. Poor Mrs Fisher didn't know what to make of her, but in the end they became such good friends--lovely book all around!

Ann Darnton

I can't read this book without simply wanting to be there and love that enchanted April. It is not surprising that I've had to replace my copy twice, having lent the others to people who have simply not been able to return them.


Ann--It does make me want to be there. Not just Italy, but in a castle along the Riviera!! And I'm not sure I would loan out my copy, but this is a book I think I could happily give to friends and I bet they'd like it.


I saw the movie first and was disappointed with the book when I finally picked it up. I preferred the Mr. Briggs of the movie to the Mr. Briggs of the books. However, I recently picked it up to give it a second chance and I'm so glad I did. While I still prefer the movie's Mr. Briggs, I found myself transported into the movie setting. I couldn't put it down. It was cold here, but I felt warm and glowing as I read. I'm going to read it again this winter just to feel the glow and the LOVE. I wish the movie would come out on DVD - it's only available on VHS.


Pamela--Mr Briggs is the only character that they changed slightly, isn't he? He also seems a tad younger in the book than in the movie. I think it has been so long since I saw the movie that although I had a mental image of the characters, it was like hearing the story (details anyway) for the first time. They really do need to release it in DVD--I bet it would sell very well!


This was the book that started me off on a search for EVA's books. With the publication by Virago this year of In the Mountains, my collection will be complete. All of them are simply wonderful reads, not a duff one amongst them

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