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This sounds like a fascinating collection! I liked Lehmann's "When the waters came"; try her collection "The Gypsy's baby" for a couple more.


Such a good book to add to my reading following on from "Our Longest Days" and the Mollie Panter-Downes' books. I love the cover of this one.


Melanie--I liked it, too, though we never find out the mother's name (only the children's). I will definitely look for her story collection. I'd like to read her books in the order that she wrote them and have just started "Dusty Answer", her first book.
BooksPlease--I was thinking of you when I found this and started reading! I think it should be easy to find. It's OOP here, but there seem to be lots of inexpensive used copies. I need to find Our Longest Days, too!!


BooksPlease--I meant to mention--I wonder if the painting/illustration on my book of short stories is by the same painter that did the illustration for the new edition of Mollie Panter-Downes's short stories that Persephone just released? I've ordered it, so I will have to check. They seem very similar to me.

Dorothy W.

What a great find! The collection sound fascinating, and it certainly does have a good list of authors. How infuriating that man's dismissal of women's lives and surroundings is -- how arrogant!


There are some outstanding authors in that anthology and the subject of women during wartime to me is fascinating. That story about the gas masks looks particularly good. What a gem to find on your own shelves!
I am just about to start Excellent Women by Barbara Pym and am looking forward to it.


What a find Danielle! Hope you'll enjoy the stories... I'm kind of in the mood for a story set in that timeframe after just watching Atonement but I'll have to wait to get back to all of my books to find exactly what I am in the mood for.


Dorothy--This does appear to be an excellent collection and I'm glad to be exposed to more new authors. It's strange how often I come across that attitude now when I am reading--how easily it seems women's experiences have been dismissed in literature--either not worth writing about or if they are it's not considered high-brow literature. It is a very arrogant attitude.
Jaimie--It is interesting to read about women's (and men's too) experiences on the homefront during war. I'm looking forward to reading more of the stories. I love Excellent Women! Such a wonderful book--I can't wait to hear what you think about it! I have Jane and Prudence to read next--when I can fit it in.
Iliana--I hope you're having a good vacation. I get in the mood for certain time periods as well! There are some good authors here I can't wait to explore. Maybe you'll find some good books while you're away!


Wow -- this sounds great. For some reason I'm obsessed with stories set in wartime England, and these sound amazing. I've got to look for this one!

Simon T

Sounds great! And reminds me that I want to re-read Mrs Miniver.


Kitty--I think there are used copies to be had cheaply. I've also really been into this period of history, though I admit, I tend to just read fiction mostly. I do like this collection of stories--there seems to be lots of good stuff here.
Simon--I need to get a copy of Mrs Miniver--this has piqued my curiosity, though I know the book has been recommended to me. I was interested to read how the author actually came and lived in the US during the war, and I think her fellow countrymen were none too pleased about that.

Carl V.

My first impression was that it was a Persephone book as well. How funny. This is one I'm going to have to add to my gift list for my wife, I am sure she would love it!

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