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I have some of her books on my wish list but I didn't realize they all went together. How interesting. Can you imagine though writing 29 books about the same place/people? From what you've written about Demon in the House (which is actually one book I do own) I think I'll like it a lot.


Iliana--I think a few of her books are stand alones--I always have to look at the list and see what's what. 29 books are a lot! I think the characters change a bit from book to book, but surely some of them carry through. The first two had a lot of the same poeople, but the next one appears to be about one of the county's crountry houses and the aristocratic family that lives there. I can't wait to start it! Still, that's a lot of books to write about one place.


I have read most, if not all of Angela's books at one time or another. The same characters reappear in different books, but new ones are added as well. Many of the books are quite similar. Initially I decided to collect them but while I enjoyed reading most of them, in the end, felt no compunction to own them all.


I had Angela Thirkell recommended to me by someone who knows my likes and dislikes and thought I would definitely enjoy her books. I didn't know they were so hard to find though. 'Tony' sounds like a slightly older version of Just William!

Dorothy W.

Why are so many of these good books so hard to find? It's really too bad. This series sounds like a lot of fun.


I have missed this blog possibly more than any other. I look forward to catching up!

Simon T

Did I tell you that someone very kindly gave me ALL the Angela Thirkell novels a while ago?! Lucky, lucky me!
I've only read three (Growing Up; Wild Strawberries; Northbridge Rectory) but would love to read more - and now I have the chance, of course.

(P.s. do enter my BAFAB draw!)


Sherry--I'll look for what I can, but otherwise I should be able to fill in books from the library. I'm sure this process will take me a while! If I like an author, I sort of don't mind if the stories are similar (strangely enough)--I just need to spread them out.
Cath--Tony really is something. I got a kick out of him actually (even though he was definitely a motor-mouth!). I may have to check out those William books now, too! I think if you like between the wars British fiction, you would appreciate these novels!
Dorothy--I do hate it when these older novels go out of print--very sad really (and there is even Angela Thirkell societies in the US and UK!). I did email Moyer Bell, the American publisher and they kindly got back to me. They have published some and are slowly publishing the others. I'll just have to be patient. I will even be able to order directly from them as Amazon doesn't have a lot of them.
Jordan--Hi, you're back! I recently went through my blogroll and deleted links that didn't seem to be updated in a while. I'll add you back now that you are posting again! :)
Simon--Lucky you! What a generous friend! I'm planning on reading Wild Strawberries next! I'm so behind in my blog reading, but I'll pop on over if I'm not too late!

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